Every year the Adventure Movie Awards international film competition selects some of the best adventure short films from around the world.
A showcase of movies about Adventure intended as exploration, personal experiences and challenges as well as freedom and deep connenction with nature. A sort of adventure that fascinates, intrigues and scares as well, testimony of the free spirit that drives man to leave what is certain and go search for the unknown, pushing further and going beyond the limits.
The aim is to reward the short films that are able to convey this meaning of Adventure on the screen and that are able to communicate emotions, passions and dreams through images and dialogues. Not just pure action, but life stories.

-Grivel Golden Axe Award (Piolet D’Or 2023) – first prize for the best story/expedition. The prize consists of the famous Golden Axe (Piolet D’or) and a kit of products Grivel.

-Ferrino Eco Adventure Award – a prize for the most significant film about nature and ecology. The prize consists of a kit of products offered by Ferrino.

-Garmont Movie Award – a prize dedicated to Adventure meant as a journey of discovery. The prize consists of a kit of products and gadgets Garmont.

The films admitted have to be short movies and not to exceed 30 minutes in length.
The films that are longer, especially if premieres, will be taken into consideration by the jury and the festival directors who will evaluate their admission and participation or their screening out of the competition.
Films must be either in English or in Italian with English subtitles.
Films in other languages will also be accepted provided they have either English or Italian subtitles.
Films must be in full HD, preferably at 1080p resolution (the minimum accepted resolution is 720p).
Films will be selected by a jury of experts from the industry who will unquestionably establish the list of the participants to the competition.
Participation in the competition is free.