Aarhus Arab film festival’s goal is to show the
‏vast diversity of the Arab world by providing an insight into Arabic films, cultures and thoughts through the organization of an internationally-oriented film festival aimed at a Danish audience, with the best of the Arab film world. We saw with Syrian Film Days that there is a large audience for Syrian movies and are sure that this also applies to Arabic movies in general.
Aarhus, second city in Denmark
As European Capital of Culture in 2017 the growth, good vibes and cultural events in Aarhus reached a new high, making 2018 another eventful year to come.

‏The selected films will show that there is room for independent, innovative and provocative thoughts in the Arab world, and will provide an insight into a varied and rich culture through the decline of film art from a part of the world that we are very much in touch with , but know too little about.