"4theatre selection." is our monthly competition of short films, feature films, screenplays and music video from all over the world. We know how difficult it is to see your work published on some platform. Precisely for this reason we have decided to simplify the life of thousands of videomakers all over the world, making available the possibility of being able to see their projects published here on 4theatre.com. Submit your work here!

-1000 USD for the winner of the "4theatre best selection."
-The winners and the finalists of all categories will receive the 4theatre's “WINNER” logo, an award diploma and will be able to advertise their work on our site totally free of charge and EARN with it;

The contest will be divided into 58 categories. The winners of each category (except the winners of the technical categories) will compete for the “4theatre best selection.” category. So with a single entry each work will compete for two different categories. The winner of "4theatre best selection", as well as those the other winners and the finalsit, will have the opportunity to receive the 4theatre's logo "WINNER" of contest and will be able to advertise their work on the our site and EARN with it. For a month, in fact, we give the contest winners and finalists the opportunity to see their short film or film on 4theatre. After this period, the videomaker will be able to choose whether to leave it on 4theatre and become our partner or delete it from the site. In addition, the winner of "4theatre best selection." will receive 1000 USD as a final prize. Our contest tries to allow anyone to compete and at the same time, in order to guarantee these countless integral advantages, it cannot supervise more than 500 jobs. Therefore, once the 500 registrations have been reached, the contest will close, precisely in order to guarantee quality and transparency.

Overall Rating
  • Très belle expérience vécue pour ce festival à la programmation ouverte aux auto-productions et films expérimentaux. La finale au Reflet Médicis était réellement savoureuse, merci à vous !

    Gros plus par rapport à d'autres festivals : des retours sur chacun des films envoyés, avec une appréciations sous forme de notes détaillées. Au French Duck, on prend soin des artistes !

    September 2022

    Wonderful communication, great experience, I highly recommend 4theatre.

    September 2022
  • lenny porterfield

    Great Online Festival! There communication is excellent!

    September 2022
  • 4Theater is a great competition and the website also features a lot of great beneficial tools for the screenwriter. Loved being part of this festival!

    September 2022

    Great review and excellent follow up service available!

    September 2022