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35 Awards


1. Short films and animated films must have a running time of 20 minutes or less. Documentary films must have a running time of 45 minutes or less.
2. All submitted films must have been completed after January 1, 2022.
3. The legal owner of the film can apply to the competition. If the film has more than one legal owner, the approval of each of them is required. More than one film can be submitted to the competition.
4. Films must be submitted via FilmFreeway ( for national and international awards.
5. By submitting films to the competition, the participant agrees to have them screened at SETEM events, without commercial purposes, and with the director's name mentioned.
6. The films that pass the preliminary jury at the festival can be brought together with the audience by creating a membership on an internet platform to be determined by the International Silk Road Film Festival during the festival.
7. Each competitor is deemed to have accepted the use of a 20-second short section or trailers from each work for promotional purposes (TV, radio, printed publications, internet, etc.) for the promotion of the festival.
8. The decision of the pre-selection committee and the jury is final.
9. The deadline for application to participate in the festival is October 1, 2023.
10. Applicants are responsible for the copyright of their own materials.
11. Films participating in the festival will first be pre-selected. The films will be evaluated by a jury of industry professionals and will be announced at the award ceremony in December.
12. The award nominees of the films that will compete in the national category must be Turkish Citizens.
13. In addition, special jury awards will be given in the categories of "Documentary", "Animation", "Short Film" without the condition of passing the preliminary selection among the films participating in the competition.
14. The local finalist contestants of the country will deliver an object used in their films to SETEM to be used in a museum or exhibition in the future.

Overall Rating
  • Great Film Festival, and good communication.

    February 2023
  • Good film festival, Thank you for the opportunity to participate

    January 2023
  • hermes mangialardo

    Thanks for give an awrd to mi short animated film "FISDTUL OF GROUND"

    December 2022
  • Though I didn't attend the festival, But its a good .

    December 2022
  • mohammad alimoradi

    The festival was very well organized

    December 2021