Zuma Film Festival 2023 is being facilitated by the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) in collaboration with the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA). It takes place in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, which is the host city. The festival, among others, is designed to be a melting-pot for domestic, continental and global film professionals and film enthusiasts to network, interact as well as explore co-production opportunities. Equally, Zuma Film Festival, through the Film and Television Market; provide windows for production companies, marketers, distributors, exhibitions, content creators to showcase their products, for funding, exhibition, distribution and marketing. In addition, the festival will recognise cinematic excellence, promote and ensure sustained productivity and availability of qualitative audio-visual services, entrench professionalism and profitability of cultural products and exchanges, including export potentials of Nigerian films into the global film and creative economy.

Themed “Cultural Convergence”, the festival will focus on harnessing potentials and opportunities inherent in the convergence of diverse cultures of the world through the audio-visual medium. Programme bouquet of the festival include daily film screening, film master classes, symposia, film and television market, content creation and exhibition fora, film project pitching sessions, co-production engagements, annual film lecture, states and foreign nations (Embassy/High Commission) special days; special lifetime tributes, Zuma Awards; and the second leg of the Nigeria – South Africa Film Festival. The first leg, known as the South Africa-Nigeria Film Festival will take place during the 44th edition of Durban Film Festival/Film Mart Institute – July 20th – 30th, 2023.

Awards categories of Zuma Film Festival 2023 includes Best Cinematography, Best Script, Best Animation, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Documentary, Best Foreign Film, Best Student Film, Best Picture and Best Indigenous Film.

Highlights (Ten days)

New Film Premiere
Screenings (Competitive & Non-Competitive)
Film Market & Exhibition (Film-X)
Master Classes/Workshops/
Annual Film Lecture
Emerging Talents Workshop
Pitching Session
Zuma Film Festival Awards Night

ZUMA Awards presented to:

Best Cinematography
Best Script
Best Animation
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Documentary
Best Foreign Film
Best Student Film
Best Picture
Best Indigenous Film


Clause 1.1: The ZUMA Film Festival is open to Films/Videos that falls within the theme of the Festival and, produced within the eligibility period set by the Technical Committee.

Clause 1.2: Feature and Documentary films produced between September, 1st 2021 - September, 30th 2023 are eligible for entry in the Competitive Category.

Clause 1.3: Only those persons whose names are on the credit title of the film/video shall be eligible for the competitive awards.

Clause 1.4: The ZUMA Film Festival Technical Committee reserves the right to reject any film/video which is incompatible with aims of the Festival or which could offend the national feelings.

Clause 1.5: Once a film/video had been entered. It cannot be withdrawn from competition during the Festival.

Clause 1.6: No film/video may be screened during the Festival outside Festival official theatres before its official presentation.

Clause 1.7: ZUMA Film Festival organisers reserve the right to change dates and times and Venue as regards unforeseen or natural circumstances.


Clause 2.1: The Festival has two categories namely; competitive and noncompetitive.

Clause 2.2
This section has the following categories:
 Feature Films/ Videos
 Documentary Film/Videos;
 Animation/Cartoon;
 Children Films/Videos;
 Student Films/Videos;
 Short Films/Videos.

 Nigerian Panorama: This section admits Feature and Documentary films/videos on Nigeria by Nigerians and non- Nigerian Directors.

 Diaspora and African Films: This section admits Feature and Documentary films by Nigerian Directors in Diaspora and by African Directors.

 Universal Films: Reserved for films from the rest of the world (excluding Africa).

 Retrospectives/Tributes: This section admits Feature and Documentary films which fall outside the above sub-sections, but films must have been produced by veteran filmmakers, living or departed.

 Emerging Talents Film: This section admits films from budding filmmakers


Clause 3.1: A film/video shall be entered only by its Producer/Director for the awards in the competitive category. A producer may enter two or more films in any of the categories: competitive and noncompetitive, but no one film shall be entered in both categories.

Clause 3.2 Quality standards must be met. below 720p resolution, poor audio quality, etc will not be considered.

Clause 3.3: You must own the rights on your film in order to submit it. We are not liable for any copyright infringements or unauthorized usage and any conflict should be settled by the parties involved thereof. You are responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity.

Clause 3.4: Official participants in the Festival include filmmakers and any other individuals entering works eligible for the Festival and/or invited by the Organizing Committee.

Clause 3.5: English is the Festival working language. Films containing any other language than English must have English subtitles.

Clause 3.6: Entries are to be supported with a statement of synopsis, Poster and Photo of Producer/Director as directed by the FilmFreeway.


Clause 4.1: The Festival will only allow a maximum of 4 screenings of any film/video selected: while films/video not for competition will be allowed a maximum of 3 screening per film.

Clause 4.2: The Festival accepts entries on Digital Format.


Clause 5.1: Entries opens on 15th June and closes on 15th November, 2023..

Clause 5.2: All entries (and supporting materials, including print) must be received by 15th November, 2023.

Overall Rating
  • The magnitude of the organization...no information about when they are showing ones film and also the media publicity is basically local for those outside the planning committee to even know there is a festival

    January 2024
  • Peace Monday

    Great festival. Prompt communication and response turn around time. Keep up the great work

    December 2023
  • Kolapo Adu

    It's a festival that is minding blow more of it is anticipated

    December 2023
  • Terrible they didn't screen my film.

    August 2022
  • Best Film Festival Experience ever

    July 2022