YOUALITY INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL is a seasonal and Annual short film festival based in France aiming to discover International filmmaking talents and make a network of filmmakers all over the world.
The festival supports short films of general categories and special approach of "poetic films".
Second edition performed on November 25, 2023 inviting filmmakers all over the world through "FilmFreeway" as the world's leading resource for legitimate, high quality film festivals and creative contests platform.
YOUALITY independent short film festival supposed to be a professional platform for everyone who wants to create a new world through frames and sequences of films.
Focusing on poetic filmmaking, YOUALITY tries to extend a new approach of introducing beautiful minds of filmmaking talents all over the world.
Festival aims to discover and recognize indie short films and screenplays of all genres from all over the world supporting special approach of "POETIC FILMS" and also supporting women filmmakers in a special regard.
All selected films would get festival certificate and candidate filmmakers in each category would be invited to attend the final event in France.
The winners are promoted through social media to film industry productions and other artists working in media in order to participate in professional filmmaking projects.

Awards & Prizes:

➤ Best poetic short film
➤ Best fiction short film
➤ Best Experimental short film
➤ Best Documentary short film
➤ Best Animation
➤ Best Narrative short film
➤ Best Music Video
➤ Best Chantilly short film
➤ Best Director
➤ Best Short Screenplay
➤Best Feature Screenplay
➤ Best Actor
➤ Best Actress
➤ Best Editor
➤ Best Cinematography
➤ Best Music (Original Score)
➤ Best Original Soundtrack
➤ Best Movie Trailer

➤ Films must have been produced in or after 2019.
➤ Any genre is accepted with a maximum length of 40 minutes.(Best timing between 5 to 12 minutes films)
➤ Films may be submitted electronically via FilmFreeway OR a provided link and password mailed to festival mailbox.
➤ Submissions in languages other than English must be subtitled or dubbed.
➤ Multiple entries are accepted.
➤ Entry fees are non refundable.
➤ A student submitting a film must provide a photocopy of a current and valid student ID or a letter from his/her school or university verifying enrollment.
➤ If the film is released online, it is still qualified to enter the competition.


Short film (Special Theme: Poetic)
Short film (Chantilly short film)
Short film (Narrative)
Short film (Fiction)
Short film (Experimental)
Short film (Documentary)
Short film (Animation)
Short film (Indigenous)
Short film (Student)
Music video
Movie Trailer
Screenplay (Short & Feature)

Overall Rating
  • nsabimana eleazar

    thanks we enjoyed the festival it was wonderful

    December 2023
  • nima gholizadegan

    Very good film festival thank you so much for your great ceremony 💫🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    December 2023
  • Great festival thx you for the visibility

    December 2023
  • Space Boy MX

    It was an honor for us to have been included in the festival with our short films 10:35 and Scar The opportunity to share our story and message through film is invaluable and we are grateful for this platform to spread it. We thank the organizers and everyone involved in the festival for their dedication and effort to make it happen. Thank you so much! Spaceboy.

    May 2023
  • I was honored to participate in this year's YOUALITY INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL with "Resurrection under the Ocean" short film! - 😃😃😃🙏🙏🙏

    March 2023