The Y’allywood Film Festival is an Atlanta based organization showcasing the finest in Southern Cinema. Over the past 5 years we’ve built a reputation of being a fun, forward-thinking, hands on festival with a growing community of loyal contributing filmmakers.

Y’allywood features events focused on building relationships and elevating the Southern filmmaking community through collaboration, conversation, and celebration.

We're looking for submissions from southern independent filmmakers of all types to build our best program yet!


Overall Rating
  • Jared Callahan

    Y'allywood was great! The staff is friendly, the shorts programming was incredible, and they had great panels. The Q&A between Dan (from The Eyeslicer) and Ben (from Thunder Road) was worth the flight out. I'll definitely be applying next year. Cheers!

    October 2017
  • Lev Omelchenko

    Excellent programming. Chill atmosphere. Good people.

    October 2017
  • I've been in this fest 3 of the 4 years it's been run. The people who are in charge - Mike, Ruti et al - LOVE what they do. They love films and filmmakers and they know how to run a tight ship. Each year they do new cool things for filmmakers - have a special room for them or a brunch or have them on a podcast. And other little things because they understand what it's like to be in a fest. I'm a big fan and will definitely be back!

    October 2017
  • Christopher Bickel

    Mike and the gang at Y'allywood were incredibly hospitable and receptive and the festival itself was extremely professional and well-run. The image and sound at the screening were excellent and the theater was a cool venue. Fantastic festival overall, and I hope to be able to submit to them again with the next project. It's clear they really love film and are very open-minded.

    October 2017
  • Evan Kidd

    Screened this festival in 2016 with my first feature Son of Clowns. From the get go, Mike and all the Y'allywood staff showed immense care and consideration about my film. Not only did I receive an invite to do press with their team to help promote the screening ahead of time, but received a warm welcome once there, and rad networking with the other filmmakers. It's a big community. Some of the coolest guys and gals in the south, would go back anytime. They just make ATL that much better.

    August 2017