With Women X, our goal is to help break down the barriers that underrepresented voices face in the industry. Not only does our weekend-long festival showcase an amazing array of short films from women and non-binary filmmakers, it also brings together people from all across the globe to revel in their love of cinema and support each other in a safe and inclusive space. After the success of 2020, we’ll be bringing back a great variety of workshops, panels, networking opportunities and self-care spaces to supplement our official film selection and ensure that Women X’s culture remains intrinsically connected to community and the championing of one another.

In 2020, for our first ever edition of Women X, moving to a fully digital platform brought with it more positives than we could have ever imagined. Not only were we able to create such a communicative and collaborative space full of amazing creatives from all around the world, but we were also able to make the first installment of Women X festival as inclusive and accessible as possible. We were able to welcome an incredible 180 people from across the globe to our festival! Our current plans are to hold our event both physically in the North East of England and virtually for our digital delegates to continue to be an accessible festival.

All winners will receive a physical award.

Best International Film
Best British Film
North East Award
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Horror (Dependent on the number of submissions in this genre)
Best Sci-Fi (Dependent on the number of submissions in this genre)
Best LGBTQ (Dependent on number of submissions in this genre)
Best Cinematography
Best Sound
Best Editing
Best Performance
Best Director
Best Writing
Best Costume Design
Best Production Design

1. All films must be directed, written, or produced by a woman, female-identifying or non-binary filmmaker. Short films by men are accepted if at least one of the three roles above (director, writer, producer) identifies as female or non-binary.

2. Films must be less than 20 minutes in length

3. All rights to the film must be owned by the filmmakers or cleared (Please check your music).

4. If your film is not in the English language, English subtitles will be required.

5. As a festival striving for equality and accessibility in the film industry, we ask that you kindly provide CC on all films to accommodate to disabled or D/deaf audience members.
You can submit your film without CC, but we ask that if you are selected, they are added before the screening.

6. Films must have been completed after January 2016.

7. Films that do not fall into the above criteria will not be watched or considered, so please ensure that you adhere to the guidelines before submitting.

Overall Rating
  • Emily Carlton

    Fantastic festival! Networking was limited inevitably because Covid forced everything online. But I loved watching the films, the festival team were very friendly and their communications clear (and beautifully designed!) They did an incredible job of still making it feel like a special event from my sofa at home, I got a lot out of the festival.

    March 2021
  • Alinement Productions

    Really enjoyed being a part of Women X! Such a lovely team, and great films chosen.

    February 2021
  • Delighted to be part of this exciting and well run event with our short film 'Asphyxiate'. Thank you to the team for putting on this event, I look forward to seeing it grow as the years go on.

    January 2021
  • Itxaso Diaz

    Great comunication and nice design. Congratulations for the festival and thanks for all the care

    November 2020
  • Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray

    If you're looking for a festival that's personal, supportive, inclusive and run by caring people who clearly love film, and want to bring people together. And do it with style. Women X is everything. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend x

    November 2020