The international short film festival VIENNA SHORTS in Vienna annually shows around 300 productions under 30 minutes. The competition is divided into four categories, for which films with a completion date of January 1, 2022 or later can be submitted. The other sections consist of portraits and thematically curated programs, among others. Submissions are also open for out-of-competition programs.

VIENNA SHORTS 2023 will take place from June 1 to 6, 2023 in Vienna at the cinema. The festival presents short cinematic forms in the cinema and online.

The festival sees itself as a political and fair film festival that is committed to responsible and transparent dealings with filmmakers and all participants as well as ecologically sustainable conduct.

Submitters from Iran who are unable to make international payments can apply for a free submission through the Filmchief platform:

VIENNA SHORTS is a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards® (Oscars), the European Film Awards (EFA), the British BAFTA Awards, and the Austrian Film Awards, and awards prize money of approximately EUR 25,000 annually. Prizes are awarded in all competitions by independent juries.




VIENNA SHORTS is the international short film festival in Vienna. The presentation of short films and the exchange about them are the main focus. The festival is organized by the association Independent Cinema and shows about 300 productions under 30 minutes. The competition is structured in four categories, for each of which separate entries can be submitted. Other sections include portraits and thematically curated programs.

VIENNA SHORTS 2023 will take place in cinemas in Vienna from June 1 to 6, 2023. The festival presents short cinematic works in cinemas and online. Screenings in cinemas will be carried out in accordance with local regulatory requirements. Rights holders will be informed about the status of the festival in a timely manner.

VIENNA SHORTS is a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards ® (Oscars), the European Film Awards (EFA), the British BAFTA Awards as well as the Austrian Film Award and awards prize money of approximately EUR 25,000 annually.

The festival sees itself as a political and fair film festival, which is committed to responsible and transparent dealings with filmmakers and all those involved, as well as ecologically sustainable conduct. Details can be found in the festival’s compliance guidelines (

Should there be any changes at short notice regarding the organization or structure of the festival or regarding pricing, these will be communicated immediately through the festival’s channels.


For the VIENNA SHORTS 2023 competitions, films of all genres and formats up to 30 minutes in length and with a completion date after January 1, 2022 can be submitted if they have not been submitted to the festival before. (A re-submission is only possible if the film has been substantially altered).

Films can be submitted via the festival’s own platform Filmchief (via the website or via the submission platforms FilmFreeway and Shortfilmdepot. Submitters from Iran who are restricted from making international payments can apply for a free submission through the Filmchief platform.

If the submitted film contains non-English language dialog or text, English subtitles must be provided. This also applies to German language films.

For the submission of films, working or raw versions of films are accepted—however, the image editing process should already be completed at the time of submission (picture-lock).

The regular submission deadline for the 19th festival edition is January 5, 2023 for all submissions. The deadline for late submissions to the competitions (II.A) is January 31, 2023. No films will be accepted after the end of the extended deadline.


Entries can be submitted in four competition categories: Fiction & Documentary is devoted to international short fiction and short documentary films, Animation Avantgarde to international animation and experimental film. The Austrian Competition is dedicated to national productions, the Austrian Music Video Award is given to the best national music video. On the festival website you can find mission statements for all four categories.

International productions can be submitted for the two competitions Fiction & Documentary and Animation Avantgarde. For the Austrian Competition and the Austrian Music Video Award, only productions by Austrian directors or producers or works that were (partly) produced in Austria or were mainly financed by Austrian institutions are eligible. The festival reserves the right to assign films to a different category than the one for which they were originally submitted.

The VIENNA SHORTS Awards are awarded as up to two main prizes in the four competition categories of the festival and are endowed with EUR 1,000 to 6,000 each. In addition, special prizes (including for best female director) and audience awards will be presented.

Prizes are awarded in all categories by expert juries. The juries consist of three film industry professionals, are international and diverse by category and gender. Their expertise is brought in upon invitation. All films are made available to the jury members for viewing in the best possible quality.


Entries are also possible for non-competitive festival sections. (All films that have already been submitted for a competition will be previewed for all festival categories and do not have to be additionally submitted in this category). Films are eligible for this category if they either do not meet the conditions of the competition categories, are not intended for a competition presentation and can be assigned to one of the following categories:

– Late Night Movies – Non-competitive Section
– International Music Videos – Non-competitive Section
– Films For Kids – Non-competitive Section

The category Late Night Movies includes the genres of trash film, horror film, music and/or dance film. The films in the category Films For Kids are aimed at people up to 10 years old.

Films of all genres and formats up to a length of 45 minutes and with a completion date after January 1, 2021 are accepted.


In order to guarantee a high-quality selection process and a professional handling, VIENNA SHORTS charges an entry fee. This fee is EUR 15 (USD 17) for short live action films and short documentaries (Fiction & Documentary) and EUR 10 (USD 12) for animation and experimental films (Animation Avantgarde) during the regular submission period. For non-competitive films (Non-competitive Section) EUR 7 (USD 8) will be charged.

During the extended submission period (January 6 to January 31, 2022) the entry fee for all competition categories—including the Austrian Competition and the Austrian Music Video Award—will be increased by EUR 10 (USD 12) respectively.

The festival reserves the right to change the entry fee. Please note that the entry platforms FilmFreeway and Shortfilmdepot as well as the payment platform PayPal may charge additional handling fees. A refund of the entry fees is not possible.

In addition to a preview copy and a film still, only the key data of the film will be requested during the submission process. In the case of an invitation to VIENNA SHORTS 2023, in a second step the completion of the data for the catalog, the website, the app and—in case of an online presentation—the streaming platform will be requested.


There is no strict rule for premieres. In order to guarantee the highest possible relevance of the competition entries for the audience and the guests, preference is given in all competition categories to those films that were neither shown in a Viennese cinema nor available online before VIENNA SHORTS in Austria. The festival reserves the right to show films otherwise not at all or only out of competition.

For public screenings in Vienna, an exclusivity clause also applies: If films are shown between January 1, 2023 and the end of the festival in front of an audience in Vienna, they can only run out of competition at VIENNA SHORTS. (The only exception are competition screenings at the animation film festival Tricky Women).


All submitted films will be viewed and evaluated by professional programmers and viewers. This process can partly be done outside of Austria and does not have to be done via the submission platforms.

By April 30, 2023 at the latest, all submitted films will receive a notification by email. Notification of the selection for the VIENNA SHORTS 2023 program will be sent out by March 31, 2023 at the latest. Please be patient, as the program selection will be carried out step by step due to the high number of submissions and will only be completed by this date.

A notification will be sent by email in any case. (Should the email not arrive due to technical reasons, e.g. spam filters, the status of the film can also be checked via the submission platforms from the beginning of May).

Should the submitted film be selected for VIENNA SHORTS 2023, the festival will communicate immediately thereafter the deadline for receiving the screening copy, request further data for catalog, website, app and/or streaming platform and contact the director/s regarding a visit to the festival. If a film is not selected, please understand that no further feedback is possible.

Once the film has been selected, the logo of VIENNA SHORTS and the text “Official Selection VIENNA SHORTS 2023” can be used for advertising purposes. This logo and the text will be transmitted in digital form.


The festival aims to present each selected film in the best possible form, in its original format and in the presence of the directors and film teams. Two accreditations will be provided for each film in competition (subject to availability) and one for each film outside the competition.

For all competition films, individual texts will be written and published in the catalog, on the website, in the festival app and/or on the streaming platform. The texts can also be used further with reference to the authorship (first name last name, VIENNA SHORTS).

The guest department will contact the director (or another representative of the creative team) in order to enable a personal presence at the screening in Vienna. The festival supports an environmentally friendly journey to Vienna.

The festival actively seeks to connect filmmakers with industry representatives, programmers and each other by organizing its own industry program, holding receptions and meetings, and providing guest lists with contact information (with the consent of the respective persons).

The festival pays a screening fee for the presentation of films outside the competition. VIENNA SHORTS cannot pay license fees for screenings within the competition. If the film has been submitted for a competition and is presented outside of the competition, screening or license fees will also be paid.

If the submitted film contains non-English language dialog or text, English subtitles must be provided for the presentation. This also applies to German language productions. Burned-in subtitles for the theatrical screening must not be in the black part of the film.

DCP, 35mm film and 16mm film are possible for cinema screenings. As a basis for the screening copy we need a high-resolution Apple ProRes 422 file with preferred sound mix 3.0 to 5.1. DCP (unencrypted, Interop, SMPTE, 2k, 24 fps/25 fps/30 fps) will only be accepted if it has been professionally produced and pre-tested in a cinema. Film copies will be insured for the duration of the festival.

The screening copy can be provided to the festival by mail, courier or via a download link. All deliveries from outside the European Union must be marked with the note “no commercial value—for cultural purposes only”. The festival will not accept any deliveries that are subject to customs duties, taxes or shipping charges. In the case of an analog film copy, the Festival will return the film (including shipping charges) to the original shipping address or to an address previously provided by the submitter.

For presenting the film in the video library for accredited professionals and in case of a screening on the festival's own streaming platform, the festival requires a Vimeo-based file upload with recommended resolution 1920x1080 and codec Apple ProRes 422 or H264 or H.265 HEVC as well as specially uploaded subtitle files. The complete guidelines can be found here:


By submitting a film, the submitter guarantees that he/she owns all rights to the film (especially intellectual property) or is authorized to make the submission on behalf of the rights holder(s), and that no rights of third parties will be infringed upon by a screening or other use for the purposes of the festival. Should the rights of third parties nevertheless be violated, the festival will indemnify the submitter.

In the event of a selection, the submitted film may be shown several times (including reruns) during the festival period. If the film wins an award at VIENNA SHORTS 2023, the film may also be shown twice in the cinema or online in the framework of best-of programs following the festival. In this case the submitter will be contacted in advance.

With the submission of the film, the festival is allowed to use the film title, credits and the name of the director as well as film stills and film excerpts (max. 40 seconds) for general promotion in the context of reporting on the festival (incl. TV, web, cinema, showreel). The festival also reserves the right to grant representatives of the press or selected industry visitors password-protected access to the film.

All selected competition entries are automatically part of the video library, which is offered on the streaming platform for all accredited industry professionals. The video library is password-protected.

With the submission for VIENNA SHORTS, the festival is allowed to process the given data for the purpose of handling the festival and its archive. This consent is the legal basis for the data processing (according to the GDPR—General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union). The data will only be stored as long as necessary for the above mentioned purpose and will not be passed on to third parties. Further information on data protection and rights according to the GDPR can be found here:

The regulations for submissions to VIENNA SHORTS are published in German and English. In case of doubt, the German version will be decisive.

Please send all questions regarding the submission to the following email address:

July 25, 2022

Overall Rating
  • David Baeumler

    I was honored to be able to attend the 19th annual Vienna Shorts festival this year and it was straight up fantastic. The programming was top notch. Every short I saw in the program was well made and thought provoking. The blocks were just the right length with a fantastic diversity of nationalities and types of films selected.

    I really appreciated how filmmaker Q&As were done individually and not just in a group at the end of the block. This allowed you to hear much more about each artist's intention and process. I wish all festivals did it this way.

    All the venues were terrific with a nice variety of parties, music and film events both inside and outside. The hospitality was wonderful - once when I was on the periphery of the a party, one of the hospitality folks named Eva came up to me and deftly introduced me to other filmmakers to break the ice. Another hospitality person named Sadia let me borrow an adapter for my laptop that I couldn't find in stores. It was a lifesaver.

    There were nice networking events including an interesting "speed dating" event with festival programmers from Europe and the USA. It was really interesting to chat about what types of films are resonating with the people in charge of programming.

    Everyone involved with the festival was super nice and approachable. I'm so glad I made the trip to Vienna from the USA to attend and I'd love to return.

    July 2022
  • Lennert Madou

    Vienna Shorts was a wonderful experience. Their communication and organization is unbelievably good. An experience I won't forget. THANK. YOU

    June 2022
  • Robert Seidel

    A fantastic experience with great screenings and the presence of many filmmakers.

    June 2022
  • Benjamin Laabmayr

    Best Festival I ever got screened at. (Out of two lol no but really it was super good all everything thx again)

    June 2022
  • Stefano Miraglia

    Amazing selection with great care for the filmmakers and the films!

    June 2021