The Association of Visual Artists of Užice (UVUU) has announced a competition for the fourth contemporary art festival - Videopark. The festival will take place in Užice, Serbia, from July 27 to 29, 2023. The topic of this year’s open call and the program is Identity Paradox

Keywords: body, identity, race, memory, presentation, self, past, future
The identity paradox is a philosophical concept that deals with the question of how to reconcile the seemingly conflicting ideas of personal identity over time. The basic problem is that, as we change and grow over the course of our lives, it seems difficult to say that we are the same person we were in the past.
Some philosophers have also proposed the idea of a "bundle theory" of personal identity, which suggests that there is no single, unchanging self, but rather a collection of experiences and memories that make up our sense of self. However, identities claim to be fluid, so we experience the loss of former identities and the acquisition of new ones, the process enabled by different events in our environments.
Importance will be given to those artworks that question the uniqueness of identity, the concept of body and movement, as well as criticism of contemporary views on identities through digital and mass media.

The goal of the Videopark festival is to acquaint the general public with contemporary artistic practices in the field of video, film and moving images, as well as to point out the insufficient affirmation of this type of artistic expression. Presenting experimental works that through a wide range of visual forms, processes and practices include questions and contribute to a creative and critical understanding of reality, as well as the application of forms of modern digital media, are just some of the things promoted by Videopark. Working with the local community, supporting decentralization in the arts and creating a platform for all young artists, UVUU aims to relocate the center from major cultural centers, festivals and art fairs to smaller places, and to create a place for all visual artists through mutual and mutual support. they mostly use video as the basic language of artistic expression.

Additionally to the movie screenings, the Videopark will once again host numerous artists on its residency program, which will last from July 21 to 30. The artists will try to combine and translate their experiences in communication with the locals into the medium of film, performance, dance, and other types of visual mediums.

The application deadline is June 25, 2023.

Application conditions:
- The video should not be longer than 30 minutes
- only single-channel video works are taken into account
- only works created in the past 3 years are accepted
- The jury is international, so it would be desirable to fill in the form in English

The results of the open call will be announced a few days after the closing of the competition. The jury will select:

- 25 to 33 movies will be shortlisted for the screening at contemporary art festival - Videopark in July

Overall Rating
  • Great Festival! Happy to be part of ~

    July 2022
  • Yossi Galanti

    I was honored to be part of the festival. The promotional material for the festival was great! The communication was excellent and effective.

    July 2022
  • Thank you very much for the festival! Organizing festivals in our time is a feat!

    July 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Dmitri Frolov! Thanks for your support!