From Gaza to San Pedro Sula our mission is to offer filmmakers across the globe an opportunity to tell their story and give audiences and critics a firsthand look at locally produced cinema. Powered by you, our goal is to build the largest film festival on earth.

Unlike most film festivals, uFests has no submission fees or selection process. The entire schedule is programmed by you the filmmaker. Your work will be judged by a jury of your peers rather than a few festival programmers. Any filmmaker can bring uFests to their city and every movie goer will have the opportunity to rate the film after the screening has concluded. Numerous awards will be given throughout the year and box office totals are tracked and recorded. In addition, filmmakers will have the opportunity to earn revenue which can be used to submit to other festivals.

Festival Experience
This is where the fun begins. Rather than being restricted to a festival’s experience, uFests lets you create your own. Upon being officially scheduled you can start planning red carpet events, after-parties, press and industry outreach, and marketing. You decide how much (or how little) you want to put into your experience.

Many awards will be given throughout the year. These will include audience choice as well as well as box office awards. Every uFests attendee will have the opportunity to rate the film after the screening has concluded. This can be done online and only by actual ticket purchasers. The platform we use will allow for a transparent award process.

To begin simply fill out a short submission form. This form will ask you to list your preferred screening venues. We will reach out to each venue on your behalf to request offers. Venues will have the opportunity to choose between one of two options:

1. Set a single screening booking fee. Filmmakers will begin advanced sales. When enough tickets are sold their screening is booked. Revenue beyond that point goes back to the filmmaker.

2. Split online ticket sales 50/50. Door sales are handled by the venue and/or filmmaker.

After you select one of the options you can begin to plan your festival experience. Ticket purchasers will have the ability to rate the film online after your screening concludes. Prizes and awards will be given throughout the year to top rated and top selling films.