The Transforma – Santa Catarina’s Diversity Film Festival is the first gender-and-sexuality-focused film festival in the state of SC. In this edition, the international subscriptions will participate in a separate non-competitive Showcase, apart from the Competitive Showcases.


The 5th Transforma – Santa Catarina’s Diversity Film Festival has by objective bringing to the public of Florianópolis and Santa Catarina, mainly the LGBTQIAPN+ (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, travestis, transgenders, transexuals, queers, intersex, asexuals, pansexuals, non-binary, and others), LGBTQIAPN+-produced and/or LGBTQIAPN+-themed cinematic works produced in all Brazilian territory. It also has the objective of building a space for representativeness, fomentation, and plural cinema distribution, potentializing new takes and new Brazilian LGBTQIAPN+ cinema artists.


The 5th Transforma – Santa Catarina’s Diversity Film Festival is going to happen in November from the 22nd to the 28th, in the Centro Integrado de Cultura (CIC) Cinema Auditorium. Address: Av. Governador Irineu Bornhausen, 5600 - Agronômica, Florianópolis-SC, 88010-400.
The 5th Transforma is a project realized by Bapho Cultural and the Association for the Defense of Human Rights with a Focus on Sexuality (ADEH), funded by the "Prêmio Catarinense de Cinema" (2022 edition), issued by the State Government of Santa Catarina, via the Catarinense Culture Foundation (FCC). The event also has the support of the Museum of Image and Sound of Santa Catarina (MIS/SC).


In this edition, awards will be granted only to national subscriptions.


Only short films that thematically explore sexual/gender diversity and/or LGBTQIAPN+ culture, whose production ended in 2020 or onwards are allowed on the International Showcase, divided into three categories: fiction, documentary, and experimental. Films from all over the world will be accepted. Brazilian productions must not answer this form but another: https://forms.gle/3vw5MtnQN9t2mF3AA.
To enroll your film in the Festival’s Showcases, it must attend to the following requirements:
* Short film finalized in digital format and maximal duration of 25 (twenty-five) minutes;
* Complete credits by the opening or ending of the short film, including soundtrack data;
* It is mandatory for the short film to have subtitles in Portuguese as an accessibility resource;
* The participants whose films are selected for the 5th Transforma authorize the utilization of clips and still frames selected from the movie for the production of advertising pieces in the shape of images and/or videos for the promotion of the Festival, as well as the broadcasting of these advertising pieces on TV, printed media and/or internet;
* The participants whose films are selected for the 5th Transforma authorize that the movies become part of the Festival’s collection, passive of being selected by curation for promotional exhibits for the Festival in all Brazilian territory, through previous communication and authorization from the production;
* The enrollments must be formalized by their producers and/or legal representatives older than 18 (eighteen) years;
* Films that show content that is illegal, offensive, propagates discrimination, violence or violate any national or international law will not be allowed, with sexist, homophobic, transphobic, fascist, racist, or any hate speech contents


The enrollments for the 5th Transforma – Santa Catarina’s Diversity Film Festival are free of any charge. They must be done on the FreeWay Film platform form available on the festival’s website, from September 15th at noon to October 2nd at midnight (11:59).
* Enrollments outside of the stipulated time will not be accepted.
* Enrollments of films that already have participated in previous editions of the Festival will not be accepted;
* It is mandatory that all the fields of the form be filled in, including the link to the movie as a non-listed video (YouTube) or password-locked (Vimeo).
* In case the conditions of enrollment are not attended as these rules foresee, the short film will be disqualified;
* When enrolling, the participants must accept all items in this regulation, as well as become the legal representative of the film;
* The non-fulfillment of the norms stipulated in this regulation will entail the disqualification of the participants;
For participating in the 5th Transforma, it is the film’s sender’s exclusive responsibility to follow the rules stipulated by the event organization as written below:
1. The correct sending of the necessary material for enrollment, selection, and (if chosen) participation;
2. The fulfillment of the enrollment, selection, and participation (if chosen) deadlines for sending the materials following the rules stipulated by the event’s organization;
3. Each enrolled film must mandatorily be sent via a password-locked private link for viewing, and afterward, it must be available for download on the stipulated deadline;
The organization and the producers are not responsible for issues on the sending and receiving of material by private password-locked links for viewing, issues on the website and link, general access issues, incorrect passwords, security issues on the website, cybernetic attacks, viruses, or any other kind of errors, technical issues or actions and events of any nature that may occur.


The selection of films for the Competitive Showcase will be made by 4 (four) LGBTQIAPN+ curators with experience in Arts and Cinema. The curatorship will consist of 4 (four) people who follow the following criteria: LGBTQIAPN+ people; and/or researchers on Sexuality and Gender; and/or professionals from the Cinema and Audiovisual area. The list of selected films will be published on October 23rd on all the Festival’s communication platforms.
The selected films’ producers do compromise in sending the links for downloading the file for their works’ exhibitions in MP4 or MOV formats in HD and h264 compression to the festival’s organization until October 27th at midnight (11:59);
The selected films will be exhibited in digital format.
Curatorship and jury’s decisions are definitive and unappealable, and any appeal against them will not be admittable.


September 15th to October 2nd – Online enrollments;
October 20th – Particular announcement of selected participants via e-mail;
October 23rd – Public announcement of selected participants;
November 27th – Deadline for sending the download links of selected short films;
October 30th – Publishing of the Festival Program
November 22nd to 28th of 2023 – 5th Transforma: Santa Catarina’s Diversity Film Festival;


Participants declare that they own the selected films in their entirety.
By submitting a film, the Participant releases Transforma - Santa Catarina's Diversity Film Festival, as well as the Festival's producers, directors and supporters, from any liability for copyright, intellectual property, trademark and personality rights violations involved in the submitted film.
Participants who submit their films to the 5th Transforma certify that they own all copyrights, rights to use voice, image, soundtrack, and other copyright content. In addition, Participants who submit their work agree to be legally and financially responsible for any and all civil, legal and criminal liabilities related to all materials, information works and films submitted to the Festival.
Participants authorize the organization of the 5th Transforma the rights to broadcast all or part of the material sent for promotion or any kind of use; on open and/or closed television, cinema, and internet for promotion and running of the 5th Transforma.
At the time of enrollment, the Participant, holder of the rights to the film, authorizes the exhibition rights for the 5th Transforma - Santa Catarina’s Diversity Film Festival.
When submitting their work to this Festival, the Participants will self-classify the age rating of the work, based on the instructions contained in the Brazilian Practical Classification Guide issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice, which can be accessed here (https://www.gov.br/mj/pt-br/assuntos/seus-direitos/classificacao-1/paginas-classificacao-indicativa/guia-de-classificacao), but the 5th Transforma team reserves the right to review and adapt the classification if it finds it necessary.


By enrolling, participants agree to the use of their names, biographical data, image and/or voice for the exclusive purpose of dissemination in all available media (websites, social networks, television, printed and virtual media, among others).
The Festival Team is not responsible for the consequences of any untruthful information submitted by participants in this selection, and reserves the prerogative to disqualify, at any time, the person(s) responsible for any infractions of these RULES.
Any omissions, doubts, or controversies that may be raised concerning these Regulations will be resolved by the Festival's Organizing Committee by emailing transformafest@gmail.com or calling +55 48 9 9941-1101.
Participation in this Festival constitutes full acceptance and acknowledgment of all the rules set out in this call for entries and serves as a declaration that the Selected Participant has no impediment to participation.
The content of this call for entries, including but not limited to the exhibition site and the selection and exhibition timetable, may be altered at any time through notification to the Participants via the Festival's website and social media.
The District Court of the Capital of the State of Santa Catarina is hereby elected as the only court competent to settle any legal issues arising from or related to this Festival.
Transforma Team.

Florianópolis, September 9th of 2023.