Welcome to Toronto Indie Shorts!

We are dedicated to Canadian and international short films of all genres. Toronto Indie Shorts has a bi-monthly and annual structure. Toronto International Indie Shorts was founded as Newmarket Festival of north Toronto by a group of film scholars and film graduates from York University of Toronto. The festival was created in the beautiful town of Newmarket where many stars such as Jim Carrey were born.

The mission of Toronto Indie Shorts is to celebrate the independent motion picture and literary arts by providing a platform for Canadian and international filmmakers and writers to have their short film projects recognized, promoted, screened and awarded online. The festival promotes the award winning projects through Toronto Film Magazine.

The members of the jury are film scholars, filmmakers, film critics and distributors from Toronto. The members of the jury for each edition will also be selected from previous award winning artists. We would like to involve artists further to collaborate with other filmmakers and our festival online. We hope to be able to go ahead with our live screening event and award cermeony for March 2022 in Toronto.

Best Narrative
Best Documentary
Best Director
Best Script
Best Producer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematographer
Best Editor
Best Comedy
Best Horror
Best Science Fiction
Best Web Series/TV Pilot
Best Music Video
Best Experimental
Best Student Film
Best Art Photography
Best Composer/Best Musician
Best Indie Short

The festival has the right to use headshots, images, stills, poster and all promotional material from filmmakers and film projects.
Films must have been completed in the past 5 years.
The films can be from anywhere in the world.
Non English films must be subtitled in English.
We accept all genres.

Overall Rating
  • Jean-Baptiste Canac

    Thank you for selecting my short screenplay for the Best Script Award. I'm very grateful!
    Take care all.

    July 2021
  • Michèle Jedlicka

    I was so grateful to be included in this festival and applaud the organizers for great communication! Thank you!

    July 2021
  • Derick Thomas

    Great festival. I loved being apart of this event.

    July 2021
  • It's so amazing that festivals like this exist for new filmmakers and artists to have a place to share their work. Great communication, excellent programming—so lucky to be apart of it all. We are so excited for our short film But Humble Sinners to be an official selection of the Toronto Indie Shorts!

    July 2021
  • Bruce Chapnick

    I was overwhelmed with gratitude the moment I learned my short film the Daddy Diaper Diaries won Best Comedy and Best Producer. To see a film festival doggedly review so many submissions month after month consistently and rewarding so many worthy films is inspiring. They are true to their mission! Thank you!

    July 2021