Action movies, despite being one of the most watched genres in the world, still does not have the respect it deserves, and has always been underestimated at the most important festivals and award ceremonies, which is why TACFEST born, we want to pay homage to the genre that has given us more action heroes to admire than any other.

El cine de acción, a pesar de ser uno de los géneros más vistos en todo el mundo, no tiene aún el respeto que se merece, y siempre ha sido menospreciado en los festivales y entregas de premios más importantes, es por ello que nace TACFEST, hemos querido hacer un homenaje al género que nos ha proporcionado más héroes de acción a los que admirar que ningún otro.

The TACFEST Jury will award a statuette called "Quixote Award":

1. award to the best national feature film,
2. award to the best foreign feature film,
3. award to the best feature action script,
4. award to the best director,
5. award to the best first-time director,
6. award to the best action director,
7. award to the best action actor,
8. award to the best action actress,
9. award to the best action coordinator,
10. award to the best stuntman,
11. award to the best female stuntwoman,
12. award to the best teamwork,
13. award to the best Special FX,
14. award to the best Sound FX,
15. 2 honorary awards,
16. award to the best national short film,
17. award to the best foreing short film,
18. award to the best action choreography,
19. award to the best action teaser/trailer,
20. award to the best action reel,
21. award from the public.

El Jurado del TACFEST concederá una estatuilla denominada "Premio Quixote":

1. un premio al mejor largometraje nacional,
2. un premio al mejor largometraje extranjero,
3. un premio al mejor guión de acción (largometraje),
4. un premio al mejor director,
5. un premio al mejor director novel,
6. un premio al mejor director de acción,
7. un premio al mejor actor de acción,
8. un premio a la mejor actriz de acción,
9. un premio al mejor coordinador de acción,
10. un premio al mejor especialista de cine,
11. un premio a la mejor especialista de cine femenina,
12. un premio al mejor trabajo de equipo,
13. un premio a los mejores Efectos Especiales,
14. un premio a los mejores Efectos de Sonido,
15. dos premios honoríficos,
16. un premio al mejor cortometraje nacional,
17. un premio al mejor cortometraje extranjero,
18. un premio a la mejor coreografía de acción,
19. un premio al mejor teaser/trailer de acción,
20. un premio al mejor reel de acción,
21. un premio del público.

Participants must be over 18 years. There is no upper age limit . The inscriptions begin November 15, 2023 and April 13, 2024 is the deadline for the reception of the entry forms, together with a digital copy for selection. (entry form available in the web site of TACFEST).

The films may have been previously submitted projected, hung on the internet or in other samples / festivals. Being an international festival , the productions made outside the Spanish territory.

We accept feature films shot and premiered after the January 1st, 2020.

The theme will be free anyway but is a action film festival. In the credits of all feature films have to appear the stunt coordinator and some stuntman or stuntwoman.

The length: 60 minutes for feature films and 1-15 minutes for short films.

For selection:
On line through enabled platforms.

For screening:
Digital file in HD for screening of films selected.

If the film is selected to be screened at our festival, is not imperative, but it is desirable that the screening copies are spanish subtitled. Our Festival does accept films dubbed into spanish or with spanish / english subtitles.

If the proposed inclusion in the film TACFEST is confirmed, you must send a digital file in HD, preferably subtitled in spanish.

Notification will be sent to the filmmakers whose work will be exhibited. The screenings of the Festival would take place in Illescas (Toledo - Spain) from May 15 to 17, 2024.

Transport of prints:
Once a film is accepted for screening in the Festival, the deadline for the reception of screening prints (Pen drive or digital file) is April 13, 2024.

They should be addressed as follows:

Ignacio Serapio Revilla
C/Ugena 66ª, 1º D
45210 Yuncos (Toledo)

Tel: +34655151332

The entrant must pay the shipping costs of the screening prints to the Festival.

Collect shipments will not be accepted.

All international entries must be sent to the Festival office with all transportation charges, duties and taxes prepaid by the shipper. It should always indicate that the copy has no commercial value and declare a maximum of 50 Euros / USD for customs purposes.

Information and publicity materials:
The Festival needs to receive promotional material on every film selected for screening (press books, film photos, posters, filmmaker’s photos, video-synopsis, trailers). This allows offering the spanish audience and the national and international press accurate information on each film. Such materials must be submitted to the Festival offices before April 13th, 2024.

The TACFEST Jury will award a statuette called "Quixote Award" to each of the winning categories.

The audience award shall be decided by the audiences of all screenings during the whole festival.

The prizes will be awarded at the closing ceremony (May 17, 2024), from the TACFEST we request the assistance of at least one person representing the winning films in the different categories. Prizes not collected will be sent cash on delivery to their recipients (except honorary prizes, for which shipping costs are borne by TACFEST). If the destination country does not have the possibility of cash on delivery from Spain, the recipient must pay for the shipment, and the organization will send the prizes.

General dispositions:
The registration or participation of a film or video implies the full acceptance of these conditions. The Festival Direction shall decide on cases not foreseen under the present regulations.


Overall Rating
  • Nathan Geering

    Such an incredible festival with great hospitality, great hosts and amazing prizes. The festival has such a great vibe and us one of the best film festivals I have been to.

    May 2024
  • Robert Samuels

    One of the BEST FESTIVALS I've experienced great staff and the coolest event .The best in 🇪🇸 Spain

    May 2024
  • Absolutely thrilled to have received the Don Quijote award for Best Fight Choreography at this Tacfest! Gratitude to the organizers for this incredible honor. Excellent communication! Tacfest truly shines as a promising festival, deserving all the success it garners. An event that celebrates the dynamic essence of action in cinema.

    November 2023
  • alan delabie

    great film festival , great quality movies

    July 2023
  • Annie Chow

    The team working at the TACFEST 2023 International Action Film Festival have set a high bar for my expectations for a film festival. They went far and high beyond any film festival I have dealt with based on their effective and quick communication, the amount of marketing they do on social media platforms, and publicity for the event on so many online and newspaper outlets available throughout the world. They had a spectacular award event with activities as well as the show. I am surprised this is their 1st film festival. I was definitely impressed and happy. Thank you!!

    May 2023