Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF) is the only city film festival in Taiwan that features solely animation.

Founded in 2015, TIAF has established itself as a major international animation festival, popular among movie goers and animators, domestic and abroad alike.

Supported by the Information Bureau of Taichung City Government and organized by the Taichung Film Development Foundation, TIAF calls for entries from countries all over the world for the first time. Two new competition categories, International Short Films and Student Short Films, are created in order to invite the talents of animation around the globe to compete with the animators in Taiwan for the highly prized grand prix.

Awards & Prizes

1. International Short Films Competition
- Taichung Grand Prix for best animated short film – prize of 500,000 NTD
- Jury Distinction – prize of 150,000 NTD
- Best of Taiwan – prize of 150,000 NTD
- Excellent Achievement, chosen by the jury for sound, script, character design, character animation, or other technical excellence – prize of 100,000 NTD

2. Student Short Films Competition
- Grand Prix for best student film – prize of 150,000 NTD
- Jury Award – prize of 100,000 NTD
- Best of Taiwan Student's – prize of 100,000 NTD
- Excellent Achievement, chosen by the jury for sound, script, character design, character animation, or other technical excellence– prize of 50,000 NTD

Rules & Terms


1. The submitted works must be completed after January 1st 2016, and must never entered TIAF in any version previously.

2. All animated films created frame by frame are eligible to submit whatever the technique.


1. All applicants are required to complete an online application form on the TIAF website (twtiaf.com), and application must contain the following:

- 1 photograph of the director(s).
- 3 film stills.
- 1 dialogue script in original language and English, if there is dialogue
- 1 downloadable link of the film file.

2. The film cloud storage URL link such as Vimeo, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc. should be viable through August 31st 2017.

3. The video format should be .mov or .mp4 file, Codec H.264, and minimum resolution of 720p.


1. By submitting the work, the submitter must be the director of the film, the rights owner, or already being designated by the rights owner.

2. If the film cites other works, including images, sounds, etc., it must acquire rights clearance from the rights owner. It must be declared with the clearance while register. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.

3. If there is a rights dispute for award receiving film, the TIAF reserves the rights to disqualify the film to the competition, and retrieve the prize. The entrant should be solely accountable for any related legal matters.

Duties and Obligations

1. Entrants are obliged to provide a copy of the film during the jury deliberation period (July 31st – October 14th 2017) for the jury to screen.

2. Entrants are obliged to declare the rights for the TIAF to use the copy text, stills, posters, videos, of the films and information on the personnel once being selected for the purposes of promotion, related events, and documentation for the TIAF, TFDF (the organizer), and Information Bureau of Taichung City Government.

3. Entrants are obliged to declare rights for the TIAF, TFDF, and Information Bureau of Taichung City Government to insert parts of films to “Best of TIAF Program” for screening while promoting the TIAF locally and internationally, or organizing not-for-profit promotional events (i.e.: Taichung Fun-in Festival, Taichung International Animation Day).

4. The award receivers are obliged to mark their prizes, received year, and “Taichung International Animation Festival” in the film and all promotional materials. The TIAF is responsible to provide the image and text files of the award receivers for such use.

Acceptance of Terms

1. The terms and conditions described above are agreed and understood without reservation by the entrant once the registration is completed.

2. The Rules and Regulations are printed in Chinese and English. In case of dispute, the Chinese content is considered for the interpretation and understanding, and governed by the laws of Taiwan (R.O.C.). The entrants are obliged to agree that the Taiwan Taichung District Courts are the court of in the first instance.