Terre da Film is a place where people meet up to live an experience through cinema, art and more. Every summer artists, filmmakers, poets, students, tourists and locals live for a few days in the town of Canelli to create a unique temporary community.

Terre da Film Festival promoters are Bassano24 and Cubo Events.
We are happy to open the call for national and international short films.


In 2023 Edition Terre da Film will focus on the theme of THOUGHTS ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT.

How does a living being dwell and influence its own environment? How does an environment influence beings/organisms by which it is constituted of?

“Every subject spins out, like the spider's threads, its relations to certain qualities of things and weaves them into a solid web, which carries its existence.” Jakob Johann von Uexküll.

We are looking for movies showing this continuous interdependence between organisms/individuals and their own environment.

Considering this aim, we expect projects pointing out these wrong dichotomies and how to tear them down:


We select short films of fiction, animation, documentary, experimental and more, with a maximum running time of 30 minutes.


o 1° Jury Prize (300 € + Trophy)

o 2° Jury Prize (300€ + Trophy)

o 3° Jury Prize (300€ + Trophy)

o Audience Prize (Trophy)


Participation is open to all filmmakers, producers and students of all nationalities and ages. Short films with the following characteristics can be entered in this call:

· maximum duration of 30 minutes;
· completed after January 1, 2021;
· Films in any language will be accepted. Films in neither Italian nor English must have English subtitles.


More than one film by the same author/production company can be entered. A fee is required for each film entered, to be paid in the way indicated on the FILMFREEWAY portal.

Early bird – 1 December 2022 - 5 €
Regular deadline – 30 March 2023 – 10 €
Late deadline - 25 April 2023 – 20 €


Selected films must submit the following film-related communication materials within five working days after the official selection announcement:

• Three high definition photos (min 1920x1080) in .jpg.
• Synopsis of the film (max 2000 characters).
• Full credits of the film.
• Country(ies) of production.
• Close-up photo of the director (min 1920x1080).
• Brief biography of the director (max 2000 characters).

To allow the screening, the film must be sent in Apple Pro Res 422 format 1920x1080.


Participants declare that the submitted film is their property and that the public screening rights have not been transferred to third parties. Participants assume all responsibility for any claim or demand by third parties, administrative, judicial or otherwise, relating to the intellectual property or screening rights of the submitted film.

Regarding the screening of films submitted during Terre Da Film Festival, while ownership of the intellectual property of the work is guaranteed, there is no screening fee.
Participants grant, free of charge, the projection and the use of clips of their work for promotional purposes in future editions of the Festival.


Bassano24 and Cubo Events will not be responsible for unforeseen events that could hinder or postpone the Festival and its activities, such as film screenings or the work of the jury. By submitting your film to the Competition you declare and certify that you have read, understood and accepted these rules and guidelines.

All relevant communications will be posted in a timely manner on our website www.terredafilmfestival.org, social media e news letter.


For further information, we invite you to contact the Terre da Film Festival organization, who is available to respond to any queries:

mail.: artistica@bassano24.org
tel.: +39 320 4219792