We kindly request that you carefully review the entirety of this message prior to submitting your project for consideration in the festival.

The "Swiss International Film Festival" is an annual online event that celebrates the diversity of world cinema. This festival accepts film submissions from filmmakers from all over the world, aiming to showcase both emerging and established talents in the global film industry.

With an accessible digital platform, the festival offers a wide audience and opportunities for filmmakers and producers to showcase their cinematic works to an international audience. Through this festival, participants have the chance to connect with other industry professionals, receive feedback, and gain recognition for their work.

The "Swiss International Film Festival" offers a variety of categories for submission, including feature-length films, short films, documentaries, animations, and student films. The event also offers awards in various categories, highlighting excellence and innovation in cinema.

This festival is a unique opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their work in an international setting and be recognized for their talent and creativity.

Operational Procedure of the Festival:
Upon the notification date, the selected projects will have the opportunity to acquire the OFFICIAL SELECTION LAUREL.

During the Festival's scheduled dates, we will conduct ONLINE SCREENING SESSIONS. Participation in this aspect is entirely at the discretion of the filmmaker.

The list of WINNERS will be unveiled on the Festival dates, and they will have the privilege of obtaining the corresponding LAURELS and CERTIFICATES.


When registering for this film festival, it is important to be aware that providing your email address implies the possibility of using it for future promotional campaigns, without the need for prior notice or request for additional consent.

Therefore, when sharing your data, it is recommended that you be prepared to receive information about other events or activities related to the cinematic universe. It is always advisable to check the festival's privacy policy to fully understand how your personal data will be used and make an informed decision before registering.

Laurel and Certificates to:

Best Short Film
Best Documentary
Best Feature Film
Best Student Film
Best Animation
Best Web Series
Best Screenplay Short
Best Screenplay Feature
Best Music Video
Best Photography
Special Jury Award

All non-English films must have English subtitles.
At this time, we are only requesting online submissions and all materials must be viewable online, as we want to remain as green as possible.
By submitting to the festival, you agree to allow your film (or other artistic work) to be screened by the festival during the festival run, for which you are submitting, at no charge to the festival. If there are to be any additional screenings, we will come to a mutual agreement between the filmmaker and the festival. All media selected by the festival will be asked to provide promotional materials, but we ask that no promotional materials be sent until selection. By submitting to the festival you are admitting copyright ownership of everything submitted.
The festival reserves the right to disqualify any submission at any time if there is any question of ownership, copyright infringement, or any sign of disrespect (in any form of media) to the festival or its representatives.

Overall Rating
  • It's great great festival. thank you

    June 2023
  • Swiss international Festival is an exceptional platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work. I had the pleasure of having my film "She He It" screened at the festival, and it was an incredible experience.
    The festival featured a diverse range of films from all over the world. The quality of the films was outstanding, and it was inspiring to see so many talented filmmakers in one place.
    The festival was well-organized and had a fantastic atmosphere.
    One of the highlights of the festival was the screening of "She He It." The audience was engaged throughout the film, and the Q&A session afterward was insightful and thought-provoking. I was thrilled to have my film shown alongside so many other amazing works overall the Swiss international Festival was a fantastic experience, and I would highly recommend it to any independent filmmaker. The festival provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your work, connect with other filmmakers, and gain exposure in the industry. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

    May 2023
  • Thomas Harman

    Happy to have been officially selected for my film FLUFFYPUNK. Great communication, happy to have been part of this years SIFF.

    April 2023
  • Excellent organization and very friendly team.

    April 2023
  • Thank you for selecting my screenplay «The Llandudno File» (a Cold War spy story) for the festival. It was an honor that you recognised it & I hope to submit again!

    April 2023