The International Exhibition of Super Short Films is a celebration of extremely short film from around the world. The festival is non-competitive and non-commercial. Films accepted are around 100 seconds in duration. All subjects, formats, genres, skill levels and backgrounds are welcome - the only constraint is the time limit.

Films are exhibited in the Greater Boston area in a traveling show. Compilations are also broadcast on community access television around the United States and preserved forever on the Internet Archive. Other collaborations and exchanges with similar short film festivals are encouraged.

The exhibition is the outgrowth of a Boston area based 100-Seconds Film Festival initiated in Lowell, Massachusetts in 2005.

non-competitive and non-commercial.

Length: must be more or less 100 seconds in length.

Original content: your film must contain properly licensed, original material or fair use

No entry fee, No prizes: non-competitive, non-commercial. think collaboration.

Creative Commons: entries are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License for the purpose of exhibition and distribution.
file format

Formats: .mov file in .h264 format preferred. avi. files ok. less than 2 GB