The SUNFEST exists to celebrate the art of cinema and to create a shared experience around film. We are a non-profit international independent film festival programming shorts & Documentary and strive to bring the best films the industry has to offer to our community from home and abroad. Our programmers aim to faster new talent and help filmmakers connect with the global industry. We are also dedicated to educating and developing audiences for international and independent cinema screening the kind of innovative, visionary work that may not normally achieve distribution in this area.
The Juries will award our filmmakers in over all individual categories. Our selection committee is also made up of a group of industry professionals from various fields, such as directors, actors, producers, professors, writers, animators, casting directors, and more.

Below Categories will get Cash + Trophy + Certificate as Awards

1. Best Short Film 1 - Rs. 51,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
2. Best Short Film 2 - Rs. 31,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
3. Best Short Film 3 - Rs. 21,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
4. Best Director Male - Rs. 5,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
5. Best Director Female - Rs. 5,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
6. Best Actor - Rs. 5,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
7. Best Actress - Rs. 5,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
8. Best Child Actor - Rs. 5,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
9. Best Social Subject 1 - Rs. 3,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
10. Best Social Subject 2 - Rs. 3,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
11. Best Editor - Rs. 3,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
12. Best DOP - Rs. 3,000/- + Trophy + Certificate


1. Short film’s length should be maximum of 60 minutes with Start to End Title.

2. Short Films DVD’s are also accepted but it should be new or not used and must be sent through confirmation on call (Refer Contact Us Page for details).

3. Short Films must be in MOV/MPEG/MP4 format only. Subtitle is compulsory for other languages except Marathi/Hindi/English.

4. All rights must be held by the individual making the accommodation as well as documentation must be given that authorization has been given by copyright holder for the film to be appeared at the celebration.

5.Submission of entry is considered legal permission to screen your film during the festival upon acceptance.

6.Work in progress submissions are accepted, though such should be CLEARLY noted. Completed version must be received before final submission deadline in order to be considered for acceptance.

7. No banner registration or censor certificate required.

8.Names of Jury Members won’t be disclosed until festival starts to avoid corruption & bribery.

9.Producer is fully responsible to get no objection certificate from whoever own the rights of the short film on their Letter Head.

10. You should not take any legal action against the jury members & organizers.

11. Form to be filled online along with the google drive link or any other link to your short film. You can Submit multiple Films.

12. Registration Fee is mentioned on this website as well as the Proposal which is Non-Refundable in any case