UPDATE: Due to the spread of COVID-19, SUFF 2020 is canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone and appreciate everyone who submitted to the festival. For more information on Salisbury University’s response to COVID-19, visit https://www.salisbury.edu/news/coronavirus.aspx.

Salisbury University is pleased to announce its fifth student-run film festival: SUFF!  SUFF allows filmmakers to have the opportunity to showcase and receive awards for their films before a live audience. Filmmakers of all ages are welcome to submit any film they’ve created within the past three years (2017-2020).

While filmmakers from the Eastern Shore are strongly encouraged to submit, we welcome filmmakers from all over to participate as well. FREE food and drinks will be provided at the event. Raffles will also be held for audience members and filmmakers. Screenings will be held May 2, 2020.

Submitting to SUFF gives filmmakers a chance to be entered into a raffle for cash prizes, gift cards and more! On the day of the event awards will also be presented. They are listed below:

-Audience Choice

-Best Documentary

-Best Elementary School Film

-Best Feature (Runtime of 45-90 Minutes)

-Best Graduate Film

-Best High School Film

-Best Independent Film

-Best Middle School Film

-Best Short Film (Runtime of 3-15 minutes)

-Best Undergraduate Film

-SU's Finest

Selected films may also have a chance at being ran on PAC14.

- By submitting a film, you agree that you own all the rights of the film and the content in it, including but not limited to the screenplay, personalities, actors, music and songs.

- All genres are eligible, but films containing extreme violence, language or nudity will not be accepted.

- If a film is chosen to be screened at the festival, an acceptance email will be sent to the submitter no later than three weeks prior to the festival.

-All decisions are final and no explanation will be required from the organizers for why a film was rejected.

-All submissions must have either a duration of 3-15 minutes or 45-90 minutes.

-SUFF reserves the right to consolidate awards if we do not receive enough submissions.

-SUFF is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to submitters’ work.