Sognielettrici | Electricdreams International Film Festival is dedicated to speculative fiction in every form and meaning - sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural.

The festival aims at investigating the concept of imagination – not only seen as a form of pure entertainment, but also and foremost as a tool for analysing everyday life from unexpected perspectives.

The festival focuses on cinema, but it also embraces literature, comics, video games, seriality and it is open to contamination with new media, philosophy, science, technology. Screenings and meetings are with free admission.

Sognielettrici | Electricdreams takes place in Milan-Italy and moves in three directions:
1) screenings of sci-fi, fantasy and speculative genre films (full and short features);
2) meetings, round tables, debates, presentations, masterclasses with the participation of local and international guests;
3) an international academic conference on speculative fiction, hosted within the festival.

There are two competitive sections for full and short features.

Full feature awards:
- Best Film
- Best Director
- Best VFX/SFX
- Most Innovative Film

Short feature awards:
- Best Short
- Most Innovative Short

- There is no submission fee.
- Submitted films should belong to sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural genres (speculative fiction).
- Submitted films (both full and short features) should be Italian Premieres and, if selected, remain so until the screening dates.
- The submitters need to be the owners of the rights.
- If a film is selected, the festival will not pay any screening fee nor will be obliged to invite the director or cast & crew.