is a website to support independent filmmakers started in 2012. We used to be called as before. We publish short films, photos and screenplays from all over the world and we regularly host a contest and announce winners on our website. We have memberships where you can register on our website and reach out to other fellow filmmakers, writers and photographers with same interests. We will be writing reviews and our thoughts on our website for not just the winners but also for all the official selections.

-We typically accept films that has good story telling and acting.
-For screenplays, we typically look for scripts that has a good flow and depth in characters.
-For photos, we typically look for shots that has a good composition, colors, editing and story the image conveys.

Top three to ten films will be selected by our team and will be posted on our website on our Exceptional Short Films page along with a short review about the film. We will also post all the films considered for the contest on our Official Selections page. We will also give a short review for all the official selections. We will not post the videos of your films on our website until your film is available to public viewing in YouTube or Vimeo.

Screenplay Contest
We will post the names and the profiles of top three screenplay contest winners on our website under exceptional screenplay category. We will also post the profiles of official selections on our website. We will give a short review for all the official selections and exceptional screenplays.

Photography Contest
We will post the names and the profiles of top three to ten photography contest Winners and official selections on our website. We will give a short review for all the official selections and winners

Please note the order of selection below

1. Winner
2. Official Selection
3. Finalist
4 Semi-Finalist
5. Quarter-Finalist
6 Not-Selected

Please note: Not-Selected films, finalists, semi-finalists and quarter finalists will not get reviews.

1. We require a vimeo or YouTube or FilmFreeway digital screening link. We don't accept DVDs
2. We don't have any prior screening or première requirements
3. Please include English subtitles for non-English films. We won't consider other language films without English subtitles
4. We consider only non-documentary films at this time
5. Duration of the film should be less than or equal to 25 minutes
6. Once we notify the official selections and winners, they can let us know if we can post the film for public viewing in our website. If not, we will just have a poster, synopsis, review, and trailer. If the filmmaker is interested, we will also post their email address so potential producers can contact them.

Screenplay Contest
1. We accept short film screenplays with up to 20 pages in length and feature film screenplays with up to 200 pages
2. Screenplays should be properly written adhering to proper screenwriting format
3. We will read the screenplays submitted only for the purposes of this contest and will not share with anyone outside our festival team without your permission

Photography Contest
1. We accept different categories of photos without limiting it to a specific category
2. We judge the photos based on the composition, quality, subject, color pattern and uniqueness
3. We need a Title, Location (If it is a nature, landscape or architecture) and a caption for your photo submissions

Overall Rating
  • I am grateful for being a semifinalist with my spec script 'Not All Is Lost'.

    July 2023
  • Mehmet Atamen Atamen

    It was an easy process good communication and hospitality was warm on aproaching to the contestant I am happy and pleased about the festival good luck both to me and toshort filmz

    June 2023
  • Bad festival with any communication. Only business for their

    May 2023
  • Thanks a lot for the opportunity!

    May 2023
  • Karinthal McCray

    Shout out to "short-filmz" for the Official Selections of three of my scripts: "Color Blind," "Outlined In Chalk," and "The Warden's List." I look forward to sending more work to this great contest.

    May 2023