'SHORT/AGE - Shortfilms for a New Age' it's a cinema-project-festival dedicated to short films.
We exist under this name since 2020 but have inherited the 7 year experience of Shortcutz Viseu Film Festival with the same team.

This is our agenda:
- Offer a regular exhibition platform for Portuguese and foreign productions, both physical and online, responding to the need for disclosure that is urgent on this cultural area;
- Assume SHORT/AGE as a relevant and fundamental instrument in Viseu's cultural growth strategy;
- Encourage the writing of new arguments/scripts, with local and national authors, facilitating the intersection between several creators and different languages, simultaneously elevating the script-object to an artistic status and not just a tool to reach an end;
- Promote and disseminate the discussion of the various aspects that move the Cinema, both technical and thematic;
- Promote the creation of new audiences, including the youngest ones, creating an educated taste for cinema and mainly for national cinematography;
- Dignify the presence of the guests of the technical and artistic teams of the films and privilege their contact with the public, offering a greater understanding of the creative process;
- Contribute to the actual belonging of Viseu city to the national and international circuit of Portuguese and foreign short cinema exhibition;
- Constitute itself as a national reference, with unique characteristics, continuing the good steps taken since 2020 with the creation of the www.shortage.online platform and all the work already developed in this context.

Our platform/website it's dedicated to:
- disclose Portuguese short films that are online and their authors.
- record and divulge cinema-related short interviews under the shape of a Podcast.
- reveal the Authors (directors, writers, cinematographers, musicians, etc)
- publish and promote the new scripts that are made under our curatorship program.

There are 3 competitive sections:
- Portuguese short films (live action, animation and documentaries).
- Foreign short films (live action, animation and documentaries).
- Horror short films (live action, animation)
In each exhibition session we will screen 2 Portuguese short films and 1 International short film.
We will screen 2 especial sessions fully dedicated to horror films.
In the end of each season all of the selected films will be competing for 3 awards:
There will be no money prizes.

The short films must be less than 20 minutes long (15 minutes in Horror films) and have been produced in the last 3 years.
On Portuguese productions, the availability of at least one member of the film’s production team to present it during the session may be an important factor for the selection process.
The short film must be available in .mp4 or .mov format, HD 1280×720 or higher.
The foreign short films must provide an .srt file with subtitles in english.
The submission must be done on this platform.

Overall Rating
  • Francisco Pereira Coutinho

    The team behind this festival is the kindest and most professional I have ever come across. They take pride in everything they do, and it shows in all the thoughtful details. The venue was beautiful, with super friendly hosts and wonderful networking opportunities. Getting to know Viseu was a blessing too, and I felt welcome from the first moment. I highly recommend this festival.

    November 2021
  • Joaquim Haickel

    foi muito bom participar deste evento!

    October 2019
  • Bruno Fraga Braz

    I visited Shortcutz Viseu in October 2019 as an invited director and I had a great experience there. The festival counts with a very dedicated small team of cinema lovers. Quality of the films in competition was great and also was the networking possibilities. Above everything, hospitality was amazing. Great experience.

    October 2019