Shops of New York is calling on locals to create and share short films of the local shops that mean something to them. The corner bodega that keeps you stocked with toilet paper, Hal’s Seltzer and a chopped cheese every week. The vintage store where you’ve scored all your best wardrobe finds. The bagel shop that gets you through every hangover. The bar where you’ve become a regular because it feels like home. The local hat shop, bookstore, plant shop, greengrocer, record store, cheese shop, locksmith, game store…and, of course, the people who keep these businesses alive. They all have a story to tell, and we want you to help tell them.

Since February 2021, Shops of New York been on a mission to find the most unique, legendary, passionate and fascinating shops and people that make New York the greatest city in the world. We’ve invited you to follow our journey exploring the rich landscape of all five boroughs, and the local shops that are mainstays of each neighborhood in NYC, because we believe that local shops strengthen our communities, provide for us when we’re in need, and keep life interesting in this city every single day.

Now we hope you’ll share the narrative of your own experiences and neighborhood discovery journeys with a short film. The contest is open to filmmakers of all backgrounds, skill levels and perspectives.

10 winners will receive cash prizes totalling $5,000.

— Three Early Bird Prizes*: $250 each

— Three Film Student Awards*: $250 each

— Three Grand Prize Winners: $1000 each

— One Impact Award: $1000 each

* Early Bird Award or Film School Award Does Not Disqualify from Grand Prize

Screening at Shops of NY Shorts Festival Night at Quad Cinema on September 14, 2023.

Seeking Partnership for Equipment Rental "in kind”

Seeking Partnership Film Festival for Screening

Sign up to our Google Form for updates on prizes at this link:

Judging will be done by a group of local New York creative and shops local New Yorkers. Additionally New Yorkers themselves will be invited to weigh in via social media.

Shops of New York reserves the right to:

1. Show your short film at our premiere night

2. Show your short film as part of a partner film festival presentation.

3. Show your short film on our social media accounts.

All work submitted remains intellectual property of its creators and you can do with it what you wish.