NOTE: Now available to non-African American films is

Streaming Film Station (SFS) has contracted with Column Space and its exclusive Google Ads agreement to build a way for independent film makers to finally get paid for showing their short films.

The first SFS project to announce is the African American Film Channel (AAFC).

To insure AAFC viewers that the African American short films available on this Channel have already been proven to be of interest to audiences, selected films will already have had a successful season of multiple film festival screenings.

Launching in September of 2017, every month an additional new short film will be made available to the public for no cost exclusive viewing during AAFC's inaugural year. By that year's end, AAFC will have it's full compliment of 12 films. Thereafter, new films will replace previously less popular and/or expired contract shorts.

Selected AAFC films available on-line exclusively at SFS for a minimum of one (1) year of viewing will quarterly receive up to forty (40%) of the Google Ads revenue derived from the no cost public viewing of that a particular film. In other words, film makers are paid when folk view their short film & trailer.

Note: The Cover Letter button is available only after your submission is placed in the Cart.

1. Submitter must list in their Cover Letter at least one (1) Black film festival in which their film has been screened.

2. Submitter must list in their Cover Letter a plan for driving traffic to AAFC in general and to their own Film in particular.

3. Submitter's Cover Letter must include the web address (URL) of the short film's entry with poster.

4. Submitter's Cover Letter must include the public web address (URL) of the movie's under thirty (30) second Trailer/Commercial.

5. No submission will be reviewed that does not include ALL of the above four (4) Cover Letter entries. Plus such submissions will be initially marked as Incomplete and eventually designated as Disqualified.

6. The Film's "Screenings/Awards" section must be completed and kept up to date.

7. Linked to your FilmFreeway submission file must be the Film's code protected online post & the viewing code.

8. Selected films must be available to the public exclusively on the SFS online screening platform. The exception is the Film being available for viewing at live film festivals which have a limited number of screening dates.