Serie_Lab Festival is the main Brazilian independent event on audiovisual market aiming the development and the production of series on multiplatforms, including live action and documental TV shows, animated series, web series, audio series and factual series. It brings together screenwriters, directors and players in panels and workshops, business rounds and pitch sessions, promoting new projects and ascending creative talents. In 2023, Serie_Lab reaches its sixth edition, held in partnership with Centro Universitário Senac - Campus Santo Amaro, reinforcing networking opportunities among artists and executives.

O Serie_Lab Festival é o principal evento independente do mercado audiovisual brasileiro voltado ao desenvolvimento e à produção de séries em multiplataformas, incluindo obras live action, animação, séries documentais e factuais, websséries e audiosséries. O encontro reúne roteiristas, diretores e players no debate, em palestras e oficinas a respeito dos processos criativos e produtivos dos seriados, além de oferecer oportunidades para a apresentação de novos projetos e talentos em sessões de pitchings e rodadas de negócio. Em 2023, o festival chega a sua sexta edição, realizada em parceria o Centro Universitário Senac Santo Amaro e com atividades que reforçam o networking e a integração internacional de artistas e executivos.



Latino CoPro Session:

- Deadline: December 21th, 2022 (postponed)

- 1 (one) project submission on Latin CoPro Session + Access to Serie_Lab Festival online content from 2020 and 2021 editions (in Portuguese)


BRAZILIAN SUBMISSIONS (para criadores brasileiros e categorias nacionais):

1) Rodadas de Negócio: inscrições encerradas

2) Audio Séries Session: inscrições encerradas

3) Doctoring Sessions:

- Exclusivo para Ingresso "Doctoting Sessions"
- Envio de projetos até 09 de dezembro de 2022 (prorrogado)
- Mais informações em:



Latino CoPro Session is a Serie_Lab Festival 2023's activity, exclusively accessible to producers.

This activity is competitive and involves, in addition to the registration phase, the project selection phase and the presentation of up to 14 Latin audio-visual TV series in an open pitching format to a panel of judges, who will choose a winner and two honorable mentions.

The Latino CoPro Session will be held live at the Centro Universitário Senac - Campus Santo Amaro Convention Center, located at Avenida Engenheiro Eusébio Stevaux, 823, Santo Amaro, São Paulo - SP, Brazil, during the schedule of lectures and workshops at Serie_Lab Festival 2023.

The pitch session will take place on February 9th and 10th, 2023, from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm in Brasília time zone (GMT-3), and may be rescheduled by the Serie_Lab Festival organization due to force majeure.


Latino CoPro Session is exclusively intended for fiction series (live action) in Latin languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Catalan, Galician, French and Romanian), in the development phase, at least six months in advance for the production phase. Under no circumstances series already produced, even if It’s unreleased, will be considered.

Only projects for television, online video platforms and video on demand (VOD) platforms will be accepted, with free duration, and according to the following genres: drama, comedy, thriller, horror, crime, romance, western, SCI-FI, KIDs and youth, including hybrid genres. Non-fiction and cartoon elements may compose the projects in a complementary way.

Projects must be unreleased in audiovisual media, with an original script or adapted script, and must be part of the portfolio of a production company based anywhere in the world. The project's previous participation in exhibitions, festivals or any other events in the global audiovisual market is allowed, without any restrictions.

The series first season must have, at least, three episodes.


Entries to the Latino CoPro Session are personal. These entries may only be made by the producer that holds the series' patrimonial rights or by a representative of this producer. All Copyright must be respected as well.

Entries must be made exclusively through the registration form provided by the organization of Serie_Lab Festival 2023 on FilmFreeway, from October 31th, 2022 to December 21th, 2022 (

TV Series projects, as well as all supplementary materials sent by the participant as an attachment, must be submitted exclusively in English, by completing the application form.

Pilot episode screenplay, the bible and the financing plan for the series (with the amounts committed and foreseen in the main stages of development and production, including any commercial partners) are mandatory attachments. These files must be submitted on:


The participating producer or representative of this producer must declare itself the patrimonial rights holder of the project in the Latino CoPro Session registration form. Participants must also declare that they respect the copyright of the project.


Upon registration, participants authorize that information from the projects selected for the open pitchings be included in a printed or online booklet or any type of website or application created by Serie_Lab Festival and made available for public viewing on the platform and digital channels of the event for a period of up to six months, starting on October 24th, 2022.

Serie_Lab Festival is not responsible for any consequences of the public disclosure of the projects on online platforms and printed booklet mentioned previously and in the pitching sessions on-site, on streaming platforms or on any type of broadcasting channels, thus exempting itself from any obligations, duties, responsibilities and judicial or extrajudicial demands that may arise as a result of the submission of any projects in this event.


The selection of projects for the Latino CoPro Session will be carried out by the Serie_Lab Festival organization or by professionals appointed by the organization, according to the following criteria:

The artistic quality of the series;
The financial strength of the project;
The professional experience of the producers involved;
The market relevance of the project.
Up to 14 series projects will be selected as finalists by the organization of Serie_Lab Festival or by professionals indicated by the organization of the event for the pitch open sessions until January 9th, 2023. Seven projects will be pitched on February 9h 2023, and another seven projects will be pitched at the session on February 10th, 2023. Selection decisions are final, with no appeal of any nature.


All pitch sessions must be carried out exclusively and entirely in English. Each presentation can be made by up to two people, with a maximum duration of 10 minutes. PDF files and videos sent in advance to the Serie_Lab Festival organization may be presented, according to guidance that will be sent to interested parties in due course.


Latino CoPro Session participants will have access, in January 2023, to the online content available in Portuguese referring to Serie_Lab 2020 and Serie_Lab 2021.

The finalist projects will make up the official selection of projects for the Serie_Lab Festival 2023 and can be published in the event's communication channels, as well as in any press releases and promotional pieces and interviews.

Finalists are also welcomed to enter the festival's in-person activities, which will take place between February 08th and 10th, 2023. The organization of Serie_Lab Festival asks that these participants be available for any activities promoted by the event on the 9th and 10th February, such as interviews, face-to-face meetings or private meetings. The organization does not afford any travel expenses.

The winning project among the finalists will receive a symbolic prize of R$ 5,000 (reais) and a certificate issued by Serie_Lab Festival.

Two projects among the finalists will still be highlighted as honorable mentions: Screenplay and TV Series Experience.

The awarding of the winning project and the announcement of the honorable mentions will take place at the closing ceremony of Serie_Lab Festival 2023 on-site activities.


Participants involved on Latino CoPro Session will only be able to request the cancellation of their submission until December 21th 2023, with refund of part of the value of submission - operational costs won't be refunded. After this day, no amount will be refunded.

A Serie Festival highlights that the purchase of tickets gives access to exclusive Serie_Lab Festival content.


Best Latin Series: R$ 5.000 (five thouand reais)
Honorable Mention - Screenplay
Honorable Mention - TV Series Experience


Best Audio Series: R$ 1.000 (a thousand reais)
Inscrição automática nas Rodadas de Negócio Online

Feedback ao vivo com especialistas
Feedback individual simplificado
Ingresso diário do Serie_Lab Festival correspondente ao dia da sessão do projeto
Sessão coletiva com consultoria especializada em potencial comercial de séries

Serie_Lab Festival attendees must:

1) be at least 18 years old.
2) respect activities rules & regulatios.
3) Respect Ticket Cancellation Policy.
4) keep their personal data always uptaded.
5) Allow Serie_Lab Festival display their professional data, images and projects information submmited on event folders, flyers, videos, websites and platforms for six months from October 24th 2022.

All submissions must:

1) respect Brazilian and International laws regarding copyright and intelectual properties (IP).
2) be made according each actitivy rules & regulations.