After a pause of 4 years, we present on this occasion the XI edition of the Sembrando Cine International Film Festival, conceived as a pedagogical device that will include, in addition to the usual programming of films, the activation of an educational scenario through forums, discussions and creative workshops, which seek to contribute to the debate about the impact of human activity on our biological environment.

Sembrando Cine seeks, with this edition, to contribute to the improvement of an environmental culture through the visibility of different environmental problems that affect human rights. We will focus the discussion and the films presented on those related to the right to territory, the right to healthy food, the right to water and the right to education, making visible the struggles of environmental leaders, the violation of their human rights and the need for state support to protect their work.

It is because of this approach that Sembrando Cine will be held in June 2023, activating a week of multiple encounters between cinema, debates and environmental education for different audiences. Below we present the information for the application of the productions to the XI edition.

Non competitive Festival


- Participation is open to individuals and/or legal entities of any nationality. The participation of formed groups or creative collectives is also accepted.

- We will receive only one proposal per participant.

- All works produced on or after January 1, 2020 are eligible to participate.

- Participation will be non-competitive, so participants assume that they will not receive financial compensation for participating and exhibiting their production.

- Registration is free and can be made through the platforms enabled by the festival from January 15 to March 15 at midnight GMT -5.

- The Festival's selection committee may withdraw at any time any audiovisual product that does not comply with any of the terms and conditions or any of the guidelines. Likewise, the falsification of the production information or of the data included in the registration form will mean the disqualification and exclusion of the material from the category in which it participates.

- The Festival reserves the right to make changes in the programmed activities and in the chronogram, which will always be communicated in advance to the registered participants of this edition.

- Participation implies full knowledge and acceptance of the terms indicated in this document. In case of a problem or doubt in the interpretation of the points written in this document or in those aspects not included in it, the interpretation and criteria of the organization of the Festival is decisive. For this purpose, the doubt should be sent during the consultation period of the call for entries.


We will give special visibility to productions related to environmental leadership issues. However, we also welcome those works that narrate about the different types of contamination and threats to the territories, violation of food sovereignty and other processes of resistance and collective denunciations where human and environmental rights are involved.

Films may be submitted under any film genre, and according to their duration will be selected to participate in the following scenarios:

-Official Selection: The Limits Exist

In this edition we seek to promote the visibility of the different environmental leaderships, problematizing the constant violation of the human rights of those involved in this work and the need for state support to protect their work. Therefore, the related productions may be chosen to be screened for debates and discussions within the framework of the Festival's other activities. In this case, the corresponding directors will be informed.

Feature films will be selected in documentary, animation, non-fiction and/or audiovisual experimentation formats, with a duration of more than 40 minutes and with no maximum duration limit. These films will be screened at the Festival's partner theaters in the city of Lima, Peru.

-Short films

Documentaries, fictions and animations of all nationalities may participate, with a maximum duration of 40 minutes.

Likewise, the format may be any of those mentioned in the previous section.


- For the pre-selection process, links for private viewing on Vimeo, YouTube, or any other platform, which may be password-protected, may be sent; the password must be provided in the registration form.

- Non-Spanish speaking films must have the original audio and Spanish subtitles.


- Once the film has been selected, it may not be withdrawn from the program nor may it be presented by the Festival in free or paid exhibition platforms.

- Participants agree to place the festival's laurels in the opening or closing credits. These will be provided by the organizers.


- The person who registers the work declares and acknowledges that he/she is the universal owner of the rights of diffusion and distribution of the registered works. Likewise, he/she must inform the due authorization and cession of rights of the soundtrack, incidental music, and all archival material included in the submitted work; in short, he/she accepts that he/she is the sole responsible before other companies or persons who have participated in the production of such materials.

- The selection of a work implies the free assignment of the screening rights of the work within the framework of the Sembrando Cine Festival for the current 2023 edition.

- The works may be part of the parallel screenings that are linked to other festivals and educational functions during the dates that coincide with the Festival. This will be done with prior notice.

- Once the screening materials have been sent, it is understood that the producer of the work will not be able to withdraw the film from the selection.

- The Festival will be provided with all the necessary materials for the diffusion of the work, such as: presskit, trailer, sequences, stills, promotional photographs and poster in editable version, which the Festival may adapt for digital, televised, projected or printed communication.


Any doubts or questions regarding participation will be answered during the time allowed for the call for entries at the following email address: