Film Festival “Seize the Film“ is focus on projections of films related to the topic of disability/at least one actor is disabled person and it has editions in Novi Sad (Serbia), Rijeka (Croatia), Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina,) and Kotor (Montenegro).

In addition to screenings of films on the topic of disability, the Festival also has accompanying programs and post-production - Film Caravan, which includes screenings in cultural spaces, schools, other festivals and „Seize the film Kids“ - screenings of films suitable for children aged 7-12 (in Serbia).

Best films will be rewarded with a plaque and will be directly placed at the Festival of European documentary and independent film “Euro-In”, which is held in Novi Sad.
In addition to the plaque for the best film, the best screenplay, the best director and the film that changes the perspective, the expert jury will also award special prizes.
The main program of the festival (Films selected and awarded by the jury, panel discussions with the authors/actors) will be held in in Novi Sad* (Serbia) during Film festival „Seize the film!“. Film program will be held in period October 09th - October 13th 2024.
Films that are selected and presented at the 22th Film Festival "Seize the film!" in Novi Sad (SR) enter the shortlist for presentation in Rijeka (Croatia), Banja Luka** (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Kotor*** (Montengro) but also in our post-production programs.

*Some films may not be selected for the film program „Seize the film Novi Sad“, but they can be part of „Seize the film Kids“ that is also held in Novi Sad. Authors of films that are selected for Uhvati film Kids will be additionally informed.

1. Topic: Disability* - At least one actor is a person with a disability ( IMPORTANT: Films that promote disability as a disease, tragedy or God's punishment, ie if they promote stereotypes will not even be in the pre-selection).
2. PLEASE NOTE THAT we DON'T accept films about COVID 19 unless the film is about a disabled person who had Covid 19, the challenges of disabled people at the time of the pandemic, or disability as a postcovid symptom.
3. up to 30 minutes
4. At least DVD quality
5. ENG or SR/HR subtitles; We especially appreciate it if your subtitles are SDH - descriptive (for deaf or hard of hearing audiences, other sound details are described as well as words to help the audience understand the action or mood of the scene. For example, an SDH subtitle might read "sad music is playing" or "slurred babbling.")
6. Dialog list or srt file is required to be sent via email to if/when we ask for it.

The call for films runs from February 20th to April 10th 2024.
Films and copies remain with organizers. Organizers are obligated not to use films for any commercial purposes. For screenings of the chosen films for the competition and review part, organizers will not pay fees for the authors or producers. Organizers hold the right of using trailers or film clips up to 3 minutes, exclusively for the purpose of promotion for the Film festival „Seize the film!“.

** Seize the film Banja Luka, for technical reasons, will not be held in 2024, and the organizers reserve the right to show some of the selected films in 2025.
*** Seize the film Kotor, selected movies from the current year will be shown in the next year.

Overall Rating
  • Sean Alexander Carney

    It means a lot to me that my film was selected by this festival devoted entirely to disability films. I consider this a hugely important festival. I was impressed with the great communication, organisation, array of films and coverage. Thank you so much for screening "Remembering Nearfield" in the festival in 2023, which is helping to draw global attention to Electrohypersensitivity (EHS), a neglected disability caused by man-made electromagnetic radiation from wireless and electrical devices.

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much :)

  • Thank you for this wonderful festival.

    October 2023
  • Aaron Paul

    We were glad to be part of the festival from afar! Thanks for including our team

    October 2022
  • The Seize The Film team tackles an important cause. I've enjoyed my experience with the organizers who are very responsive and collaborative. I wish to see many more versions of this festival in the future.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much for your kind words :)

  • Maria Belenkova-Buford

    Amazing film festival! I can't wait to send my work again. I am especially grateful to the film festival director, Milesa Milinkovic, who went above and beyond to make sure everything was in order for the filmmakers outside of Serbia, attending to small details, keeping in touch, answering questions. Outstanding job!

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful review and we are really hoping that we will get more good films from you :) <3