Shiz Annual Red Carpet Event (SARCE) is the building of a collective of emerging and seasoned filmmakers who wish to bring a positive and entertaining spin to the world of cinema. We are open to filmmakers of all genres; to include documentaries, animations, comedy, horror, action, and human interest. It takes a lot of time, energy, money, and creativity to create. This event is to bring forth the hard work we put into our films.

SARCE is hosted by Shiz, Inc. and Evolve.Forward.Media. The event will showcase all short films produced in 2017 by Shiz, Inc., Evolve.Forward.Media, partners and associates of.

SARCE is devoted to all narrative films in all genres that are committed to diversity, authenticity, and show a conscious and curiosity of the world around us. Starting out as a red carpet event, we are now opening our commitment to community and collaboration to many filmmakers.

With the success of our first event, February 25, 2017, we feel that we can honor your hard work on a large silver screen in beautiful DCP 2K/4K format with 5.1 surround sound in a stadium seating theater in Kyle TX.

Along with local film makers and film festival organizers, we are building a community. We want to bring everyone together to meet and greet, and enjoy the wonderful talent we have here in Central Texas. We do, however, accept films from around the world.

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Location: EVO Entertainment, 3200 Kyle Crossing, Kyle, TX 78640
Date: Saturday, March 03, 2018
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

After the event, there is a restaurant in the entertainment center where filmmakers and fans can meet and greet. Do not leave, stick around. Step and reach banners will also be available for all to take pictures after the event.

Please contact if the submission code did not work.

Awards & Prizes

All screened movies will get a screening laurel.

Rules & Terms

Please visit for details.

The theater rental is out-of-pocket of the organizers. The submission cost is to help cover the rental of the theater. The organizers WILL NOT receive the money from FilmFreeway or Eventbrite until weeks after the event.

Films must be in English or have English subtitles.

All films and submissions must be independently produced. Any films that are not independent, please contact

We accept films from anywhere on this planet.

Film must be no more than 21 minutes, including credits.

If you want to attend the event, you will have to purchase the tickets. The theater rental is out-of-pocket of the organizers, this is the reason for the cost. If you are able to purchase tickets, please do. Contact for details.


Please use FilmFreeway to submit your film. We will review it for quality and to make sure it is within the parental guidance limitations. All films must meet the same MPAA standards as a PG-13 (or lower) film rating. There will be children present at the event. Light cursing and some violence is allowed. Over the top violence is not allowed.

DCP - Digital Cinema Package

Since we are using theater projection, a standard video file will not play on these devices. A DCI-compliant DCP file will be required for playback at SARCE.

If you need a DCP created, please visit Shiz Media Studios. You will not find anyone with rates like this. Since it takes time for DCP renders to complete, please make sure I have access to your final video files by January 31, 2018.

DCP Site:


Trailers and music video submissions must adhere to the same rules as listed above.

Trailers that are not funded by a major movie studio are allowed. If you trailer does meet the independent film criteria, we will treat your film as an advertisement and sponsor. Please contact


You will be notified by February 24, 2018 if your film fits within the schedule of our films.

All payments must be through FilmFreeway only. If you are having issues with this site making payment, please contact

If your film is not selected, you will not be refunded in accordance to the terms of service of FilmFreeway. After February 24, 2018, if your film is selected, there will be no refunds, no exceptions. After February 24, 2018, selected films will be shown and cannot be withdrawn for the playlist at SARCE.

SARCE DVD Release: Your film WILL NOT be included on the DVD. However, if you like to sale or pass out your DVD, that will not be a problem as long as the movie is screened at SARCE. If you need a DVD authored, please go to

The film is your property, not ours. We will not sell your name, Email address, or any private information to any third party service. We will, however, list your credits and film on our web site and on the playbill. Please create a poster graphic and submit with your submission.

We reserve the right to select two still screenshots of your film to be used for promotional materials, indefinitely. Or you can submit two frames of your video for us to use. This information and graphics will forever be archived on our web site. The web site is public facing.

A graphic of the laurel will be sent via Email for your own promotional use.

By submitting, you are agreeing to these terms and rules as laid out.

To help us manage submissions and payments, we will be using FilmFreeway.

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