Our competition is basically about our women who produce. As we stated on the poster of our competition; We guide our competitors by saying Women in Industry, Women in Agricultural Production, Women in Education, Women in Handicrafts. With this competition, women
Encouragement of production and entrepreneurship is provided. We are considering to emphasize the place of women in Anatolian and Balkan geographies in economic development with a short film to be shot.
We want to take the female workforce potential to higher levels. We hope that all people who are interested in cinema will participate in our competition by not setting an age limit, and it is possible to explain what is wanted to be told to people visually, even shortening the attention in terms of time.
Therefore, we aim to reach young people and large audiences with the short film competition. The reason why we chose Anatolia and the Balkans, our closeness from the Ottoman Empire, our geographical and religious closeness, the lives of the people in these two geographies are similar. Both
Producing and working in the geography were also appreciated and praised, both men and women worked. We want to make the peace of working people permanent with the products they produce and the skills they add to their families and countries, with short films. There are successful people in the cinema industry in these different geographies, but unfortunately they do not see the value and announcement that should be due to financial and other reasons, we want to help the talented people in these geographies be discovered by the occasion of the competition. Our award-winning competition will be evaluated by a professional jury, and the winning films will be screened with a preview in Turkey and their awards will be given.

1st film 2000 euro
2nd film 1500 euro
3rd film 1000 euro
Mentions 3 persons x 500 euro


1. Persons participating in the competition are deemed to have accepted this specification, participation in the competition is free.

2. The subject of the competition is ‘Women Producing from Anatolia to the Balkans’. Only films with this theme will be considered.

3. The competition is open to participants from all countries over the age of 18.

4. The short films to be submitted must only be in the documentary genre, graphics and animations can be used.

5. The duration of the films (including the credits) in the application should not exceed 8 minutes at the most.

6. The films that will participate in the competition are MP4; It should be sent in H.264, H.265, MPEG-4, HEVC format. Movies must be at least Full HD (1920X1080) image quality, higher quality movies are accepted.

7. If the works such as the music in the award-winning films belong to you, a document or letter describing this situation should be sent. It should be documented that the copyrights of non-original music, images and similar works are used. If anonymous is used, write the information of the work (name of the work, year, etc.).

8. Organization institutions are the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association, Yunus Emre Foundation, Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency, General Directorate of Cinema and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. The main organizational institution is the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association.

9. Organization institutions will have the right to show the films participating in the competition within the scope of the festival. Films can be used in screenings. When movies are used, the name of the movie and the director will be specified.

10. Participants can participate in the competition with more than one film.11. Even if the films applying to participate in the competition are made by a team, the application must be made on behalf of one person.

11. The fact that the film has previously participated in a festival, competition or won an award, broadcasting it on the internet, television or elsewhere does not prevent it from participating in the competition.

12. Even if the films applying to participate in the competition are made by a team, the application must be made on behalf of one person.

13. It is not possible to apply for the same film with more than one director's name.

14. Productions contrary to the laws and/or regulations of the Republic of Turkey and international conventions; insulting or humiliating any country, religion, person or company; Films that support or praise violence, drugs, pornography, or LGBT cannot participate in the competition. If they do, they will not be considered.

15. Sections from the films participating in the competition will be taken and a promotional film will be made, and the contestants will not be paid for this work.

16. The participant cannot withdraw his/her film after applying for the competition.

17. Productions contrary to the laws and/or regulations of the Republic of Turkey and international conventions; insulting or humiliating any nation, country, religion, person or company; Films that support or praise violence, drugs, pornography or LGBT cannot participate in the competition. In case of participation, they will not be evaluated.

18. If the participants do not comply with the conditions in this specification, their films will not be evaluated.

19. Organizations organizing the competition can change the dates, awards and specifications of the competition at any time, postpone or cancel them in extraordinary situations.

20. Awards to be given to the owners of the works ranked in the competition; It is paid in Turkish Lira to participants from Turkey, and in Euro money to participants from other countries.

1st prize - 40,000,00 TL or 2,000,00 euros
2nd prize - 30,000,000 TL or 1,500,00 euros
3rd prize - 20,000,00 TL or 1,000,00 euros
Honorable Mention Awards are 3 pieces – 10.000.00 TL x 3 or 500.00 Euro x 3.

Awards; It will be held no later than 3 months after the gala program. While making the payment, the rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey dated 12.12.2022 will be taken as basis. If the difference between the Turkish Lira and the Euro rate is more than 10%, the competition committee may reduce the prizes to be made in Euro currency.
21. Participants; The following documents and materials should be sent to on 05.11.2023 at the latest. Contestants will be notified in response to their e-mail addresses after their documents have been downloaded and reviewed.

• Short Film (It will be in the format specified in the specification, can be sent as a video file or link address published on the Internet;)

• Director's CV, photography and filmography (if any)

• The movie; synopsis, screenplay (must include all dialogues and talks), imprint, set photos, three high resolution photos from the movie, trailer and poster (if any)

• Application form
(Google form will be filled)
www. You can reach it at
• Consent (These documents will be requested from the award-winning films)
The movie; Documents regarding the permissions of each actor, all technical staff, original scripts and copyrights arising from original musical works. All consent forms must be wet signed. If the music and images in the movie are anonymous, information or document indicating this situation should be attached.

22. Regulatory bodies are not problematic due to films and documents that do not arrive due to technical failures or other reasons.

23. There is no obligation to add subtitles to the films, if available, you can send English and Turkish subtitles. Turkish and English subtitles of the films that are ranked will be made by the regulatory agencies.

24. Film files in different formats or other documents may be requested from the nominated films.

25. The authority to decide on other matters not specified in this specification belongs to the regulatory bodies.

26. The results of the competition will be announced on the address www. on 23.11.2023, the place and time information of the premiere of the competition, the information of the jury members will be made on the same website.

27. Participants agree that Ankara Courts are authorized for all material and moral compensation cases that may be filed in case of any dispute.

28. The English text of the specification is a translation. The original of the specification is in Turkish and has been translated into English. In case of any dispute arising from the translation, the Turkish text will prevail.

29. The original signed documents of the winning films will be sent to the Headquarters of the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association. You can contact the same e-mail address for issues related to the competition. Information will not be given over the phone.