PimComedy Fashion Show Festival. In New York City. Helping end child trafficking . Located at the Historic Actors Temple Theater , home to legendary Broadway & theater , film stars in NYC. Festival in Nov and Dec 2023. Maybe before too. Helping end child trafficking. Screen your work , create new connections in Manhattan. PimComedy , story of darkness and finding light and joy. Finding peace. Films and Filmmakers , artists Q&A. Photo shoots, new media, creating new connections and new contacts. In Manhattan & virtual ; Loving the world, Loving society. Peace & Joy. Creating new connections in Manhattan & internationally. A combination of theater and filmmakers, PimComedy Fashion Show Festival . Story of darkness , and suffering. Pulling out of darkness. Hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel. Overcoming drug abuse.

Story of the Holy Ghost. A mysterious person. A mysterious figure. It goes there. It goes over here. It goes where ever it wants. We do no control the Holy Ghost. It goes where it wants. It does what it wants , and we have no control. An avant garde festival.

Creating a better world. Loving artists and filmmakers. Helping end child trafficking. Ridding evil in this world through art and filmmaking. Through film festivals and networking, Q&A and art theater. Filmmakers and Off - Broadway theater.

Awards given : BEST Fashion Designer, Best Fashion Film , Best Filmmakers, Most Creative, Most Innovative , Best Music Video, Best Short film. Time limit: 8 min. Hope to see your work! <3

--Best Experimental Film
--Best Comedy film
--Best Poetry Film

--Best Fashion Film
--Best Fashion Designer

We ask filmmakers to attend and support festival screenings

Overall Rating
  • Thanks Chelsea!

    Was a pleasure to make part of it!

    December 2021
  • Thank you for holding a positive space for independent filmmaking. Congratulations for the meaningful driven festival.

    December 2021
  • Thank you very much for everything, see you next year.

    February 2020
  • Definitely one of the best films as was I went to this year. The people are great and the mission is truly inspiring keep up the good work

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    thank you!!

  • With more focus on fashion and less on film, this was a few-hour amalgamated art evening event. With stylists/makeup artists completing their model's look by the door, little to know proper greeting from the host, this definitely was not a "film festival" (traditional or not so) to our team's disappointment as experienced and as cautioned by previous attendees who reached out to us via social media weeks before. More individuals are there seeking connections for modeling and disrespected the films with constant chatter during films and when individuals spoke. I believe individuals in the film industry confuse this event with the Chelsea FILM Festival--an established film festival by a similar name.

    November 2018