A dreamer in the search for purpose
Argentinean. 31 years old. Film director and professional photographer. Lawyer from the Argentine Catholic University. In another life he worked half a decade in the Argentine financial sector.
In 2019, as his photographic series "El despertar" recounts, he suffered the death of a very close friend which led him to an existential and vocational crisis. left behind that life embarking on a path of dreams. To be able to live off what he loves. From the cinema.
He founded an independent film production company in Argentina and after working in production and preparing for a few years
He wrote and directed his first short film: “OF COWARDS, SAGES, AND MASCULINITY" an the film has his European premiere in the AWFF in October of 2023. It is a silent western about a confrontation between two gunmen that disguises the problems of masculinity and the social pressure to which she was always subjected. He is starting the distribution of his second short film, "A Hug" while he is writing his first feature film.
Pedro is also a photographer and has been exhibiting three photographic series in galleries and museums in Spain and Argentina. One of them is about the "The Awakening" that he had with three friends after facing death. We leave you a link to the series. https://pedrosegura01.myportfolio.com/series
Education: Film Direction at the Septima Ars film and television school, Spain. Cinematographic direction workshop, UNAM Film Library, Mexico. Film Director, BONA Films, Argentina. Gaffer-lighting course, ECA, Argentina.
Different script writing workshops with: Celina Murga| Gabriel Medina| Nicholas Zukerfeld| Jazmín Carballo| Clara Picasso. Bilingual English with international certificates at Cambridge and Trinity Universities, London.
Birth Date
May 16, 1992
A dreamer in the search for purpose
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