The Palestine Clacket Short Film Festival is a festival of short fiction and documentary films targeting all Turkish university students of various nationalities and at different levels of study. The festival aims to motivate and encourage university students to produce visual works that support Palestinian visual content with various ideas, through joint cooperation between universities and specialized organizations in the films industry.
The festival will be held on December 23 and 24, where the films nominated by the international jury will be shown on the first day and the winning ones will be shown on the second day. During the registration period, the festival will organize workshops on Palestinian cinema and will screen short films from its selections in universities and institutions.
The Palestinian narrative presents the identity of the land. Saves the memory of civilizations, religions, and cultures. Reflects the right and the truth. And paints the picture of free peaceful land.
We as Clacket Palestine, believe in providing opportunities and encouraging the talents of all young filmmakers who create content serving the Palestinian narrative. We support all voices, discover talents, and encourage the creative hands that work for Palestine. Our main goal is to reinforce the artistic narratives that speak for Palestine.
Palestine Films Initiative is the organization providing this project. PFI aims at developing and promoting Palestine films by preserving and archiving all film content about Palestine and facilitating it for the local and international audiences. PFI is ambitious to professionally support the Palestine film industry and to provide creative artistic content that addresses the world.

First place: 18,000 TL
Second place: 12,000 TL
Third place: 5,000 TL
From fourth to tenth place: 2,000 TL

1. Participant: Any student in Turkish universities, of all nationalities and languages.
2. Category: Fiction/Documentary/Animation.
3. Length of film: 5- 20 minutes. (Animation films: 3 minutes minimum).
4. Subject: Any subject related to Palestine (public or private, global or local), but the production must reflect the Palestinian narrative.
5. Year: Production must be newly produced from (January) 2021
6. Rights: The organizers will have the right to store and display or promote films after the end of the competition.
7. Films must be with English subtitle.