Seeking films from all walks of life. Both US and International submissions accepted. From the youth to the seasoned veteran, we want to see your work! Especially looking to include filmmakers from diverse backgrounds. All genres, sex, age , and etc., filmmakers also encouraged to submit.

Discounted submissions for student filmmakers.

The festival events include workshops, panels, meet and greets, parties, VIP and red carpet events. Discounts to theme parks will be available to all attendees and their families

Festival Awards:

Grand Jury Feature US Fiction Award
Grand Jury Feature International Fiction Award
Grand Jury Feature US Documentary Award
Grand Jury Feature International Documentary Award
Grand Jury Short Fiction Award
Grand Jury Short Documentary Award
Grand Jury Student Short
Grand Jury Student Feature
Grand Jury Honorable Mention
Grand Jury Animation
Grand Jury Special Film

By submitting the film, the submitter gives Orlando International Film Festival, Inc. the right to upload the film to Eventive or any other management company for the purpose of screening (virtually or in-person) or displaying the product in the Orlando International Film Festival. By submitting your film to FilmFreeway, you agree to submit directly a downloadable file of your film to the Orlando International Film Festival in order for your film to be screened in a theater in the event that your film is selected. By submitting your film, and products to Orlando International Film Festival, you give OIFF the right to a medial release to utilize your photos, videos, interviews and other promotional advertisements for OIFF including social media. All foreign films must have translation to English to be accepted in the Festival

Submissions of all film genre are accepted for the following lengths:
0 - 10 (Mini shorts)
11-40 (Shorts)
41 and above (Full Feature -narrative)

1. The submitter of the film must have the rights regarding the copyright and trademark of all content or materials included in the submission. OIFF (hereafter including all affiliates, representatives or other entities associated with OIFF) bears no responsibility for the inclusion of materials in the submission that are not properly trademarked or copyrighted or inclusion of materials that will become the basis of a claim of copyright or trademark infringement. OIFF reserves the right to disqualify any unauthorized inclusion of any materials that are deemed to infringe upon copyright or trademark laws. The submitter will indemnify OIFF and defend OIFF of any claims with regard to the infringement of any trademarked or copyrighted materials. The submitter will pay all legal and other fees regarding such actions.

2. In the event that the submitter is a minor (less than 18 years of age), the submitter must have the written consent of the parent/guardian for the submission of the film. Any violation of this provision gives OIFF the right to refuse the submission.

3. Students submitting must provide proof of current enrollment to receive discount.

4. No pornographic materials, nudity, mature films or films with foul language can be submitted to OIFF and/or screened. If submitted, such films will receive a rating of Not Selected. . OIFF reserves the right to disqualify any film containing pornographic materials.

5. It is the sole responsibility of the submitter to adhere to the rules and regulations of FilmFreeway in submitting the project. OIFF will not be responsible for any actions regarding refusal of the project by FilmFreeway due to the negligence or fault of the submitter. No refunds will be given for any submissions that do not follow the FilmFreeway method of submission. The submitter bears all responsibility for the proper shipping of films and the tracing of films to ensure that the materials reach the proper destination. No refunds will be provided for materials that do not reach the OIFF proper destination. No shipped materials will be returned by OIFF.

6. OIFF will not be responsible for any content in the project that contains any actual or potential legal claims regarding defamation, privacy problems, and theft of any materials, trade secret infringement, breach of confidence, nondisclosure violations, or any other issues that will result in a legal claim of a third party. The submitter will fully indemnify and defend OIFF from any liability in connection with any legal issues regarding the project.

7. All submissions containing spoken foreign language must provide onscreen English subtitles.

8. Films that are not available for screening online will be favored over those available to the public.

9. Submissions that will not be screened or selected for a winning category will not receive a notice that these actions have not occurred. OIFF will adhere to the notice deadlines for screened and reserves the right to make changes in these rules without advance notice. winning projects as noted on the website.

10. OIFF has the ultimate responsibility for determining the genre and category of the submissions.

11. OIFF reserves the right to make changes in the rules and regulations without notice.

12. No refunds will be provided.

13. Once accepted and confirmed no film can be removed from the festival.


OIFF accepts film submissions from persons of all groups including race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, and age.

Overall Rating

    Muy agradecida con la selección y los laureles, todos fueron muy amables y además ver mi cortomtraje proyectado en cine es un recuerdo que no olvidaré

    Very grateful for the selection and the laurels, everyone was very kind and also seeing my short film projected in a theater is a memory I will never forget.

    June 2024
  • Greetings and thank you for recognizing my film! A special feeling as my hometown is Winter Park. Rock’n’Roll everybody!

    June 2024
  • Richard Oliver

    'Festivals like this one makes this award win for my humanitarian film entitled: “HUMANITY” for the children of Gaza, all the more special. I worked so hard on this film to the brink of exhaustion. Because of its historic, sensitive (and some might say) controversial subject matter. I knew that it would be hard to get the funding I needed.
    So I decided to forge ahead and fund and produce it myself.

    As budding filmmakers, to have our work or passion project reviewed and acknowledged by distinguished and reputable accomplished judges, is truly an honor in itself. This is what makes the Orlando International Film Festival all the more special. Their consideration gave me the clarity and assurance to accept that I was spiritually led to produce the right project at the right time in our history. It also gave me the confidence to keep following my creative vision and instincts. To push the limits of music, art and cinema to the next level of greatness. I want to again thank the festival for this award. And I look forward to submitting more of my work in the future. But to be honest I want no awards, fame or fortune for my film at all. My only hope is that it will help reconnect us all, back to our HUMANITY. Orlando International Film Festival, I thank you for your Humanity. I proudly accept this award on behalf of the children of Gaza, who inspired my film" - Richard Oliver Jr.

    May 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to your next film. Dr. Florence Alexander

  • Do Over Movie

    A great festival! Efficient and friendly communication and a great selection of films. I’ll be submitting my next movie in Orlando International Film Festival. for sure! ✨✨ The communication and exposure we received were excellent. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    May 2024
  • I got a submission waiver so I guess the value is fine, however, I tried to contact the festival on several occasions to no avail. My film was not on the schedule, and I had friends and family who live in Orlando who wanted to see the film. The only reason I submitted to this festival was a full submission waiver. It is not high quality, it is not established, and it is not worth paying. Overall buyer beware.

    May 2024