WELCOME To The Oregon Film Festival Pune!
This event was successfully organized, last year, in the year 2023. Last year we had 60 live screenings with only the local films director. This year, films came from all over the world to honor Indian short film directors as well as foreign short film directors.In addition, the student film directors will also get a chance to show their film in front of the audience.

The event will be a 3-days live screening, and our judges will choose the best award-winning films from these films. This year we are able to do more than 120+ screenings.

The mission of OFFP, some Questionnaires round with film makers related to their film. Discussion between Film Directors. This is the mission and vision of OFFP, everyone should learn something and learn it.

It is going to be the Live Short Film Festival of all time. Come Join in and make this Event a Success. OFFP is conducting an innovative International short film festival and invites participation from aspiring and upcoming independent filmmakers. A unique short film Festival, focusing on opportunity creation for global filmmakers.

Thank you. Submit Your Work Now !

Best of Festival:

Jury Award - Best Short Film
Jury Award - Best Short Documentary Film
Jury Award - Best Musical Video
Jury Award - Best Animated
Jury Award - Best Actor
Jury Award - Best Actress
Jury Award - Best Supporting Actor
Jury Award - Best Supporting Actress
Jury Award - Best Director M/F
Audience - Best Short Film
Best Jury Award

Additional Awards will be awarded based on jury, but will not have cash prizes attached to them.

Terms & Conditions:

- Short Film length should be Maximum 50 min or less with Start to End Title.
- You must submit a separate application for each project.
- All language film submissions must have English subtitles except English.
- Submission and acceptance into the Morocco Film Festival indicates that Morocco has the right to use select images and clips in printed and digital materials.
- If you send in a signed application and your submission is accepted into the festival, you may not withdraw your application.
-Registration Fee is mentioned on this website as well as the Proposal which is Non-Refundable in any case.

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