OFA is an annual IMDb verified festival with monthly awarding. The festival has Estonian and Ukrainian roots. The main mission is to prove that everything is possible. The motto - "Miracles around".

The winners will have the opportunity to be interviewed and be published on our website.

We would like to draw your attention that we have a unique proposition. We started promoting our NFT collection (NFT trophies). It's goal to make a community that will be consisted of talented artists and art connoisseurs. It will be a great opportunity to make new friends and provide your projects.

We offer our winners the opportunity to purchase NFT (NFT trophies). On request, we can write in the description to whom, for which film in which nomination and in which year the award was presented.

Why we started making NFT trophies
We think about creating our trophies a long time ago. Probably, as soon as it was started. But we could not find the most convenient option for everyone for a long time. We faced the issue of their delivery. In addition, with numerous problems in case of damage during transportation. We understood the need for constant production control and monitoring of their quality. Basing on our personal experience, we drew attention to account the fact that ordinary trophies become dust collectors the next week. It is unlikely that any of you who already have trophies look at them often. We are not. We have gone digital. Furthermore, we worked on this issue for three months and decided that this is what we were looking for. And so we started. We decided to create our trophies in digital format. To make the world's first NFT trophies for film festivals.

How we chose the hero of our NFT collection
We spent a long time deciding what our trophy should be. Although we have already decided to make it in digital format, we still wanted to keep the elements of regular trophies in it. We decided that it should be a statuette standing on the podium that is already familiar to most. We did not want as a basis any cultural attractions and monuments. Because the festival is international. We decided that the prototype of the collection has to be a heroic figure. And what can satisfy everyone? - the figure of the winner. Yes, this knight is you. This is the winner who took his step and received this award. Of course, this image is deeper, but with your permission, we will leave a little secret. May you have something to think about while looking at our NFTs.

Who is the hero of our NFT collection
The hero of our collection is a knight who takes the first step towards his goal. This is the one who dared to take the first step. He believes that miracles are all around. And we respect him for that. We hope that he will look for knowledge and answers. In the artist, it has to be. This knight is you. Go on your hike, take the first step, seek the truth, and win our rewards.

Whose idea was it to create the NFT collection
Yuriy Onyshchenko is the founder and director of the film festival. Film producer and director. It was he who chose the image and symbolism of everything that can be seen on our NFT trophies. These images are not typical of the NFT community, but they are unique. Which makes them valuable. In some ways, these images are reminiscent of old computer games. Which makes their universe more magical and charming. It even causes such an emotion as nostalgia. And emotions are the most important thing in life. No things, not even awards, but only the emotions you get when you get them, own them, or use them.

What inspired us to create our NFT collection
For a long time, we did not know exactly how our hero should be portrayed. Inspiration came out of the blue. Although we must understand that it does not come to the lazy. We thought a lot about this question, analyzing various information from various sources. It was an ordinary gray day. Coffee and a book helped us. At first, it was a different image, from a different book. It was the image of a donkey. Given that it could be offensive to someone, this idea was rejected. But after remembering other, similar in spirit literature, this image was chosen. We're keeping the book's title a secret, at least for now.

Our place in "WEB 3" culture
Together with our community, we strive to show that everything is going digital in one way or another.We are talking about the fact that art today is mostly digital.As well as the field of film production.Our NFT trophies are a great way to demonstrate this.And the first stage of creating ordinary physical objects in the blockchain.But we should not forget about the past.That's why we chose the pixel format.Which, together with the style of the drawings, gives a certain feeling of nostalgia.Let's move into the future, let's honor the past!

Why we sure that we are doing everything right
At the beginning of creating trophies in digital format, we had some doubts. But now we are 100% sure that this format is optimal. Our festival is Ukrainian with Estonian roots. But now, with the beginning of a full-scale war with Russia, we felt all the privileges of this format. Cinema, like photography, is mostly digital today. Therefore, we do not see a problem with digital trophies.

How do our NFTs differ from each other
Each of our NFTs is unique. In total, our collection consists of 110 items, which are included in 15 groups of items. Among them: hat, crystal, eyes, skin, frame, shoulders, background, belt, boots, bracelet, bumbon, skirt, stand, sword, torso. Such elements have a rarity, which affects the formation of the price of each. In total, there are 6 levels of item rarity. We mark them with stars. From 1 to 6 stars. The rarity of items is greatly influenced by their material. These are bronze, silver, gold, etc.

Do we have other NFT collections
When we created our NFT trophies, we decided to create another collection together with them. In this new collection, we have developed unique faces for our knights (The Knight`s Face). We see these NFTs as an avatar alternative for social media. Currently, it is quite common to use NFT as an avatar. Especially in the Twitter social network. In addition, NFT support was announced on the Instagram social network. In our opinion, it would be an interesting for the film community to use such NFT avatars.

What are our NFTs interesting for those who participated in the festival
NFT trophies that you can buy have many advantages over ordinary ones. You can share them on your social networks. They do not occupy cities, do not get dusty, do not break, and they are unique. Each of you can choose your personal trophy by taste. At your request, in the NFT description of the trophy you choose, we can specify information about what, to whom and for what project this NFT is for. Such trophies will have their price in the future and will become more expensive. After all, art is now massively moving into the digital space.

What are our NFTs interesting for those who did not participate in the festival
Our NFTs are unique and first of their kind. These are the first NFT trophies among film festivals.On the one hand, it makes it more difficult to start building a community.After all, not all film producers are familiar with NFT, but this makes this collection more weighty and potentially promising for investment.Onyko Films has been producing films since 2016. Our festival established in 2020. This is the considerable background of the collection and for its distribution.

What can be done with your NFT
All NFT trophies are unique. But their number is limited. As a result, their value will only increase. But what can be done with them besides collecting? Currently, social networks already offer to use NFTs as avatars for your pages. Firstly, it is Twitter. In addition, NFT support was announced on the Instagram social network. Another interesting way is to use NFT drawings as prints. For example, ordering a unique t-shirt with a picture of your NFT. You can make a print on a phone case, etc. And, of course, share them on social networks.

Why we stopped donating NFTs
Our film festival does not have large incomes. All funds received from participation in the festival are spent on its management. Therefore, since all transfers of NFT to ETH on the blockchains known to us have become paid, we have no possibility to transfer them freely. Currently, in any case, all winners and nominees of the festival must pay at least the minimum price that can be set for the sale of NFTs. We have no intention of charging such payments to our winners, but this is currently the only technical possibility for us.

Link to the Goblet of the Knight collection: https://opensea.io/collection/the-goblet-of-knight-collection

OFA provides free entry fee for films that raise issues refugees and asylum seekers, returnees, stateless people and internally displaced persons and other vulnerable groups.

Why our Festival matters
We open independent cinema to the public. Today, new ideas and true art are expressed through independent films. In addition, any filmmaker should raise awareness about his projects. Big studios use wide-budget PR campaigns. As for independent cinematography, there are several less expensive ways, such as receiving awards and reviews or interviews. We are creating our community of filmmakers. Which facilitates communication and getting to know other members of the community. One of the means of creating such a network is the NFT trophies introduced by us. This is a community for real talents. After all, festivals have traditionally been a place for discovering new talents.

Best Short Film
Best Drama Short/Feature Film
Best Comedy Short/Feature Film
Best Horror Short/Feature Film
Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Short/Feature Film
Best Documentary Short/Feature Film
Best Experimental Short/Feature Film
Best Animation Short/Feature Film
Best LGBT Short/Feature Film
Best Student Film
Best Web/TV Series
Best Commercial Video
Best Social Video
Best Music Video
Best Trailer
Best Inclusion Short/Feature Film

Best Director Short/Feature Film
Best Acting Short/Feature Film (Multi-gender category)
Best Cinematography Short/Feature Film
Best Screenwriter Short/Feature Film
Best Visual Effects Short/Feature Film
Best Editing Short/Feature Film
Best Sound Design Short/Feature Film
Best Composer
Best Soundtrack
Best Makeup/Hairstyling
Best Costume Design

Best Portrait Photography
Best Photojurnalist
Best Black and White Photography
Best Art Photography
Best Experimental Photography
Best Street Photography
Best Landscape Photography
Best Architectural Photography
Best Travel Photography
Best Fashion Photography
Besr Event Photography
Best Food Photography
Best Newborn Photography
Best Macro Photography
Best Drone Photography
Best Inclusion Photography

The winners will be announced on our website, and on our social media.

- Films can be from anywhere in the world.
- Films must have subtitles in English. For Music Videos, no English subtitles needed.
- Films have no premiere requirements or prior screening restrictions that impact Festival eligibility. No matter when or where films were created.
- We have given up gender acting nominations: separate awards for Best Actor and Best Actress. This process isn't related to the gender of the actors.
- The filmmaker has cleared all the rights for their film. Onyko Films Awards isn't the right holder of the films nor responsible towards any claims that arise regarding copyrights.
- OFA can use your project's materials for the promotion.
- The Filmmaker/s is/are responsible for making sure all submission materials are submitted by the submission deadline indicated. If your film does not arrive or is not uploaded by the deadline for which you have registered, you may be withdrawn.
- Submission fees are non-refundable.
- All decisions regarding award winners are considered final and incontestable.
- Applicants acknowledge that OFA reserves the right to change the nature of screenings and events due to circumstances related to public health and welfare or at the direction of local, state, or federal authorities. In such cases, no submission refunds shall be issued.
- Photography submissions must be the original work of the submitter. Submitter responsible for obtaining necessary authorizations in order to submit their work to the Photography Competition (e.g. model release forms, etc.).
- All image submissions to the Photography Competition should be in digital format (.jpg). The link should be for one image or series only, and not for a portfolio.

Overall Rating
  • Brit Tobin

    An excellent festival! Thank you so much for selecting us.

    January 2023
  • Andy Wolf

    THANK YOU, Onyx Film Awards for providing an open and generous space for independent filmmaking! We're very grateful to be a part of the festival and hope to meet the team in person in the future! Awesome work!

    December 2022
  • Thank you Onyko Film Awards for selecting my film "The Soul of Sicily" as an award winner. It has been such a pleasure working with your festival team. Your communication to me throughout the process was very helpful. I strongly recommend your festival to other film makers. I am deeply appreciative and honored that you recognized the film in your festival. Congratulations to all the festival winners!

    December 2022
  • Veronica R. Tabares

    It's been a pleasure being part of the festival. Thanks for naming Minerva Claus a Finalist!

    December 2022
  • Krisztian Egry

    Thank you for Onyko Film Awards for the interest about my film. I felt honored and as a winner I feel very proud for my protagonist Zoli and for everybody who helped get the film done. And also respect for festival team members for keep on organizeing this event even in hard times like this. I wish Ukraine to be protected by truth. Keep up the good work !

    December 2022