New Zealand Youth Film Festival Presented by The New Zealand Herald (NZYFF) is a non-profit, free-to-enter film festival dedicated to youth aged 15-24 years. Its mission is to find, celebrate, and empower Aotearoa New Zealand's next-generation of filmmakers and movie stars. Every year, we offer thousands of dollars worth of awards and an events programme for all of our nominated participants. From industry tours to a red-carpet Awards Ceremony, we offer unique opportunities for young Kiwis to engage with New Zealand's famed film industry!

Proudly sponsored and supported by Adobe, Canon, Massey University, The New Zealand Herald, What the Actual?!, One Good Kiwi (One New Zealand), South Pacific Pictures, Universal Music NZ, Warner Bros. International Television Production New Zealand, Wellington UNESCO City of Film, Wētā FX, Auckland Studio, Lane Street Studios, and NZ On Screen.

Cash prizes, Canon camera gear, Adobe Creative Cloud software subscriptions, professional industry mentoring, studio tours, production hot set tours, lunch with teams behind blockbusters, commissioning opportunities, and much more!

By submitting my film, I agree to NZYFF’s rules and policies. In the event that I am nominated, I give permission to NZYFF to use an image of me and my team for its publicity in perpetuity. I also give permission to NZYFF to screen my film on its website and at its events, including at its annual festival and ancillary programmes. I understand that NZYFF does not guarantee that my film will be nominated or that it will win an award. I hold it and its management, agents, sponsors, and affiliates harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from my entry. I own or have authorisation to all necessary copyrights, intellectual property rights and licenses in relation to my film as declared in the “Copyright Declaration”. I indemnify NZYFF for all liability it may suffer as a result of any claims made against it by any person that the film and/or NZYFF’s use of it breaches their intellectual property rights. On request, I will supply NZYFF with copies of such licenses and with copies of signed talent (actors/actresses) releases. If I am under 18 years of age, my parent/guardian consents and approves of my entry. I declare that the film I am submitting is a film that I have created as either its Director or Producer and own the rights to and am authorised to submit. I am also of the age that was declared in this submission. If nominated for an award I agree to be bound by NZYFF’s Nominee Terms and Conditions and confirm that I will be able to supply the full, original film as a soft copy in a digital format (.mp4/.mov). I understand that I may be disqualified if I am unable to supply the original film, am found to have supplied false information, or have violated any other part of this agreement.