Film is a lie whose secret ingredient is truth.
Nguyen Viet Anh is a filmmaker based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is a Vietnamese filmmaker with a background in mass communication and worked as a director and writer for short films, commercials, and music videos at the beginning of his career path for four years.
In 2020, his first short film, titled Rừng (The Forest - 2020), was selected and participated in some film festivals in the Philippines, Thailand (ITFF), Northern Ireland, and France (CIFF). In 2022, he was chosen to a Bucheon Fantastic Film School. In 2023, he is pursuing his study in Toronto, Canada, for a higher level of Writing and Directing to develop his first feature film. He has also completed the second short film "The Cloud Is Gone,” released in 2022.
Birth Date
September 28, 1994
Birth City
Ha Noi
Current City
Ho Chi Minh City
Zodiac Sign
Film is a lie whose secret ingredient is truth.
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