6th NEZ International Film Festival (NIFF)

18th to 20th December, 2020

NEZ stands for simplicity of life and existence. NEZ is not a corporate, nor an NGO; in fact no standard term can describe NEZ. It simply is a platform for beings in this planet to come forward, and come together and explore their collective talents for the progress of the world and beyond. We have long enough thought about espousing our cause and ours alone. Now we think together. It is a platform to promote excellence in Education, Arts, Literature, Films, Medicine, Science, Research, Community Service etc. The philosophy at NEZ is very simple. We share collective fate. We seek new thought patterns that shall shape this world and the universe in times to come.
NEZ International Film Festival (NIFF) stands for best of world cinemas in the categories of Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries Films and Ad Films. A platform of NIFF is meant for bringing undiscovered pure talents before a larger audience of the world.

NIFF is an umbrella; it is a conglomeration of niche festivals under one category. We treat the entire event as a visual carnival. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate everything the visual medium of cinema has to offer. We are now stepping into 3rd year of our Journey and proudly announce two more categories from this year.

1. “The Smart Phone Cinema”
NIFF always Endeavour to create something new, something Path breaking. It strives to recognize and to reward challenging aspects of cinema in all its forms. To celebrate the impact of cinema in modern age, NIFF is proud to announce a complete new category from this year “The Smart Phone Cinema”. We would be accepting movies in The Student Category and The Professional Category. The movie has to be a minimum of 4 minutes and maximum of 15 minutes. Every entry has to be accompanied by shooting Stills, substantiating the movie was indeed shot using the smart phone.

That which is Paramount is also fragile. What better example we can have of this fact other than the Planets Eco System or the Environment. Sadly the most Paramount things behind the survival of humans are also most abused by the same humans. We stand at a dangerous point. Our Abuse of the Planet’s Environment is leading us to sure extinction. We need to raise awareness of that. Here at NIFF, we understand the Issue so much that we have created a separate category under the main festival Titled “NIFF GREENS”. It will showcase, any movie, shorts feature or documentary that highlights the issue of Environment.

1. Making Awards category:
• Infinite Vistas Award
• Best Feature Film
• Feature with Social Message
• Best Short
• Best Documentary
• Best Animation
• Best Director
• Jury Mention
• Festival Mention

2. Technical Awards category:
• Best cinematography
• Best editing
• Best screenplay
• Best VFX

3. Music Awards category:
• Best Original Music
• Best Background
• Best Folly

Artist Awards category:
• Best Actor
• Best Actress
• Best Child Artist
• Best Supporting Actor
• Best Supporting Actress

For information relating to detailed rules and regulation please visit our website. www.niffmovieawards.org

Overall Rating
  • NEZ International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals of India. It is a grand and unique platform for the film-makers to showcase their talent.

    December 2020
    Response from festival:

    Hi Anirban Chakraborty,

    It is really a great pleasure to be associated with creative filmmakers.

    we have always tried to serve the filmmakers in the best possible manner and help them reach the expected audience and response.

    We are thankful for your faith in NEZ International Film Festival.


    Sumit Modak

  • 도회 박

    best festival in the world!!!

    December 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thankyou so much.

  • Christoph Nuehlen

    I heard absolutely nothing from the festival until I asked. Apparently there will be no screenings whatsoever, but some kind if judging, but no information provided whatsoever. Nothing. I understand that this year is hard for festivlas, but this was appauling. No idea what was done, probaly nothing.

    December 2020
    Response from festival:


    Christoph Nuehlen.

    The negative review was uncalled for.

    We have informed you personally via email to all your questions regarding the happening of NIFF 2020.

    We have informed you multiple times that this year we could not organise the festival owing to the Covid 19 Pandemic and the respective restrictions put up by the Government.

    We have been trying our level best to screen the films so received this year physically as we do every year, but unfortunately that could not happen.
    Few biggest film festivals in world like CANNES film festival are also grappling due to pandemic.

    We have been conducting the festival with success from last six years which are clearly reflected through the positive reviews we have so far. We have always given the film makers the best experience of a film festival.

    It is really inhuman and insensitive from a creative person to nullify the efforts we have been putting for so long.

    Have a nice day
    Thank you

    Sumit Modak


  • Famei Tang

    This is a good film festival and I am very honored to have selected my film"Enjoy The Moment" at the festival. Many thanks to you!

    October 2020
  • Seemaa Desai

    superb is one word for this festival well curated films mr Sudeep sarkar is passionate human being and makes sure to make so special for the film makers my shortfilm happy birthday won the best film with social message. mr Sudeep spoke such kind words fr the film it was encouraging and totally fascinated how he and his team payed attention to every little effort .strongly recommend this festival to all

    October 2019