The goal of the NC South Asian Film Festival is to promote and celebrate American and Canadian Filmmakers of South Asian & South East Origin, living in the United States and Canada (American Continent) who bring forth films of all themes. The South Asian Film's showcases films of S. Asians representing the countries -
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Christmas Island
East Timor
Sri Lanka
The Cocos (Keeling Islands)

Certificates for:
Nominations for each category
Best Post Production
Best Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Screenplay
Best Full Feature film Production
Best Short Film Production
Best Actor
Best Actress
Audience Choice Award - Best Film

Special Website and Mention for Sponsors on our website
Special mention during Award Ceremony for Sponsors
Sponsors present award to Award Winners

******* Please note we need two copies of the DVD mailed to the address even for the selection process.

"if your film is on youtube, netflix, Amazon, or any other site for sale, we will not screen your movie at our festival. This film festival is an opportunity for filmmakers who do not have any other avenue to showcase their films besides film festivals, additionally, your film must not screen within 100 miles of our location as soon as your film is a chosen film until the festival is over. If we notice any of the above, we will not screen your film and take it off our Agenda for the festival screening"

• North Carolina International South Asian Film Festival (NCISAFF) DOES NOT pay screening fee or travel for the filmmakers

• North Carolina International South Asian Film Festival accepts films of any genre by South Asian filmmakers

in collaboration with filmmakers of any nationality or filmmakers of any nationality working on movies in

collaboration with South Asian Filmmakers (includes crew and cast).

The following material MUST be sent with the preview on DVDs:

Please mark - 2 copies of DVDS are absolutely necessary and must be mailed immediately.

1. Full list of cast & credits

2. Full list of crew

3. Clearance of Rights

4. Photo of the director and the main cast

5. Synopsis of Summary in English

6. Signed and completed 2015 Entry Form (ONE ENTRY FORM per film, video, or episode)

7. Three full-length preview DVDs(formatted for mutli-zone) of the entry, clearly labeled with title of production.

Each DVD must contain ONLY ONE production.

8. Production information including cast & credits

9. Director’s filmography including year of production

10. Brief biographies of producer, director, principal actors

11. Posters, press book, or other promotional materials, if available, may also be mailed.

• The producers or authorized person names agrees that excerpts of the film can be broadcast on the festival website or any

other publication for promotion purpose only, and the authorized person or producer gives permission to Founders/Directors

of NCISAFF to screen this movie at the film festival. You are still the owner of it; we have only the rights to screen in North


Overall Rating
  • Kumar Raj ( Rajendrakumar M. R. )

    Our special comments :
    We are very proud & glad for our feature film " Tara the journey of love & passion " film team to be part of your prestigious film festival .
    We have suggestions which we would like to put forward for positive improvement of our film festival to grow & become worlds no1 film festival & we will be happy to contribute positive suggestions in the growth of your film festival .
    a) PRESS INCLUDING TV , RADIO , FILM MAGAZINES , ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINES , EVENT COMPANIES , MAGAZINES , E -NEWS PAPERS has to be invited by your festival coordinator has to send our invitations to entire press to cover the event . regular press releases send before and after the event .
    b) The consulates of all countries to be invited
    c) Govt officials , minsters to be invited
    d) Big sponsors to be invited
    e) The tourism ministry & tourism department to be notified in advance to include the film festivals in all their publicity & printouts
    f) There has to be advertisement / publicity in local news papaers & on billboards which are sponsored .
    g) Big names in show biz in the country have to be invited to make the event successful
    h) Tie up with colleges & schools to ensure all seats are filled up during all screenings and award function no seat should be empty .
    i ) Have interns for the film festival taken from media colleges where by you have 30 interns to help during the film festival
    j) There should be photographers interns from photography college . there should be 25 photographers clicking pics .
    k) Red carpers have to be bigger
    l) The publicity boards for taking pix in front have to be bigger & better
    m) The directors -producers & lead actress have to be sponsored to fly down for film festival with help of big sponsors .
    n) Sponsors you have to tie up with biggest advertising companies , event management companies radio , billboard & tv companies for big sponsorship tie ups
    o) You can get sponsors form various consulates , govt bodies , event management companies , film commissions etc .
    Good luck i can keep going on
    Would love you to succeed in very big way & become no 1 in world , we are there to stand by you all the time we promise you .
    Good luck
    God bless you
    Best regards
    Kumar Raj ( Producer & Director )
    Umair Siddiqui ( Film Festival Director For Feature Film Tara )
    C: +919773503615
    Kumar Raj Productons

    November 2016
  • Adam Renkovish

    Excellent festival, wonderful people! Recommended highly.

    May 2016
    Ncisaff logo
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Adam.