International motion picture Academy (IMPA) is headquartered in Canada. IMPA hosts monthly contest and an annual Gala to recognize the alternate cinema with integrity, transparency and unity. We define our contest format as monthly winners to contest the annual Gala to cover a greater spectrum of films; this ensures that we recognize alternate cinema.

Our Mission
We aim to bring new films, artist cast and crew to the world stage in the form of a motion picture.

Our Vision
We crave to form and empower alternate and diverse motion picture society with substantial networking opportunities as an alternate solution from mainstream regulations and culture. Our jury critics, review board members and miscellaneous motion picture experts carry out untiring efforts to meet our vision and mission.

Medals & Honor

IMPA craves to recognize the untiring efforts towards art creation in the form of alternate cinema.

Winners and official selection will be given the right to use IMPA laurels, and their films will be listed on

All winners and official selections will receive an e-certificate by paying an admin fee for the appropriate category. Certificate winners can obtain original sealed certificates via mail by paying us the shipping & handling fee.

IMPA awards its prestigious handcrafted IMPA medal to the winner. Iconic Winter trophies are presented annually. Medals and trophies are presented without engravings to maintain purity. The winner will pay us the shipping & handling fee to receive the medals and trophies via mail.

Winners also will be granted the privilege to list their awards on IMDb

▲ IMDB Qualifying Festival ▲

The IMPA reserves the right to reject submissions

We entertain only digital submissions via the festival platform to participate in the festival

We accept Non-English movies with proper hard-burned English subtitles only; separate SRT subtitle files are not acceptable

All movies must be filmed in the past 5-years from the date of submission

Short film exceeding 40-mins duration will fall in the feature film category

IMPA takes no responsibility for copyright issues and assumes that filmmakers hold a valid right of submitted materials. Therefore filmmakers should deal with copyright issues before submission

You agree to compensate and protect IMPA from any harm due to your submission. The submitting party will offset for any claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fee, and court charges) which may be incurred on IMPA for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits and publicity against your submission.

IMPA reserves the right to screen and stream your film in front of a live audience.

IMPA holds a simple contest format; Official selection—monthly contest winner/ annual contest qualifier—annual Gala winner

Festival has the ultimate authority to decide whether a nominated film will be screened or not

We will notify the status of contesting film to the sender via email

IMPA reserves the right to update the pre-decided festival venue and conditions, and implement updates immediately. Contestants should check for updates regularly.

Juries decisions are final and will not be challenged in any case
The submission party is responsible for any technical issues in submission; however, IMPA welcomes your resolution requests.

We may promote your film on our site including social media, based on the press kits you provide us

IMPA does not restrict premiere status or online display of your film before our festival dates

IMPA reserves the right to screen festival films fully or partially at the times of annual Gala and charge an admission fee for the presentation of the digital video program. All filmmakers abide by this rule if their film is selected for presentation and screening at the film festival.

Any payments made to IMPA are not refundable in any case, even in case of event disqualification, withdrawal or refusal of your film submission for the festival.
By submitting to us, you agree to our terms & conditions and receiving marketing newsletter and notifications

Overall Rating
  • Tom Lop

    Thank you so much International Motion Picture Awards for having our feature - WordLotto. We are so honored to be an award winner from your festival.

    February 2024
  • Cynthia Samson

    Thanks for the Official Selection

    February 2024
  • Crystal J. Huang

    We are delighted that our film, 'Dark Feathers,' has been selected by the International Motion Picture Awards. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this exceptionally beautiful festival.

    November 2023
  • Great festival! Thanks for the awards :D Highly recommended!!!

    August 2023
  • A great experience within this festival which allowed me to exhibit my film Tom&Luce. Continue in this way with your team of very appreciable listening and responsiveness. Thank you and see you soon

    July 2023