Normally on the podcast "Movie Toast News and Reviews" Movie Toasters Adam & Dennis review Hollywood's latest and greatest films. They've seen the good, the bad, & the burnt! But, they haven't seen what you have to offer. Now, The Toasters are here to toast YOUR films! They're down to sample any flavor short film that you have to offer. Join The Toasters in toasting filmmaker's tasty creations screened online from the comfort of your own home.

The festival will be broken down into different blocks so that each genre of film will be going head to head with a film of the same ilk. So each block will have its own awards but at the end of the festival, all the films will compete for the ultimate award.

All short films are welcome, no matter what genre it may be. This is done because we love films and we can't simply choose one genre over the other. We don't mind if you are entering your film into another festival or even if it has already premiered elsewhere. We only have two simple rules.
Rule #1 If you are submitting the film it has to be a film that you're associated with
Rule #2 It must not be longer than 15 mins