About the Festival
​Malnad International Wildlife & Environmental Film Festival (MIWEFF) proudly brings the world of cinema to the Malnad region of Karnataka which is famous for this ecology.
​The power of visual is more than words. An image is more colorful than a group of words.

The main objective of this “Malnad International Wildlife & Environmental Film Festival” is to bring a revolution and Awareness in Wildlife & Environment as well Save Environment for Wildlife, Birds, Environment Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Livelihoods, Use of alternative Energy, Man-Animal conflict, Infrastructure development destroy ecology and Global Warming. We invite film schools and filmmakers to showcase critical exploration of their visual talents in the above theme.
The purpose of organizers of this festival, "Filmaholic Foundation", is to attract best films based on Wildlife, Birds, Environment Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Livelihoods, Use of alternative Energy, Man-Animal conflict, Infrastructure development destroy ecology and Global Warming.

This is a non-profit film festival with the intention of creating wildlife and environment literacy among general public and to help ecologists to understand the ecology in other parts of the world and saving our Earth. Here is no entry fee for submission of films and admission to the festival is free on first come first server basis.

If you have some stories/ Concept on above mentioned topics then take a camera shoot a movie and submit your movie to Malnad International Wildlife & Environmental Film Festival (MIWEFF)
​Filmaholic Foundation is a Trust established to conduct programs that support and promote Cinemas, Art & Culture. 

It has been regularly been involved in many social activities and encouraging empowerment of people.  The organization had recently organized Karnataka Youth International Short Film Festival, Mysore International Water Film Festival and Cinema Antaranga Film Festival where many films from different places across the globe had come as entries. On festival day selected films were displayed and awards given to the winners. The organization also has conducted many programs like the Seed Ball program, Freedom Day Go Green Cyclathon for Youth, Distribution of Ayurvedic saplings to public for healthy environment, Medical Camp, Conducted Competitions in schools and colleges to encourage students. Provided school kits to students during the floods in North Karnataka and also provided relief materials to the flood affected people.

Awards & Prizes Categories
Best Animation Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Music Film / Video
Best Animation Film
Special Jury Mention

ALL Short Listed movie will get the laurel and certificates

Note: The film festival organization does not take any type of financial commitment for the expense incurred on the correspondence by the participant. All travel, lodging & boarding and other miscellaneous expenses will have to be borne by the participant himself for attending the festival. No request for the same will be entertained.

Rules & Terms:


>Entries to the Film Festival must include:

>Three high-resolution making stills (on location) of the film and film poster

>Promotional materials: synopsis of the film, brief CV of the filmmaker, awards won, festival attended.


>There is no entry fee for the submissions as this festival is to create awareness in wildlife and environment.

>Films must be for all ages.

>All films need to address the topics based on Wildlife, Birds, Environment Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Livelihoods, Use of alternative Energy, Man-Animal conflict, Infrastructure development destroy ecology and Global Warming.

>Please note that the categories are flexible and your film does not have to necessarily adhere to them while focusing on the larger theme of environment and wildlife revolution.

>The films can be documentary, short film, feature film, animated film, music album.

>The time limit for the films must be of length as (short films < 30 minutes, feature films < 120 minutes, Animation Films < 30 minutes, Documentary Film < 60 minutes, Music album < 5 minutes)

>Films should have no explicit violence, sexual reference or coarse/obscene language and not be against any religious faiths.

>Films submitted to the previous years of the film festival cannot be submitted and will not accepted if submitted.

>Entries will be subject to preview by a Jury panel constituted by this Festival. Jury panel consists of experienced Directors, producers, Music composers and Actors from Film and television Industry.

>Films will normally be screened in their original language/version. In case of language other than Kannada or English the film must have subtitles in Kannada or English language. In case any film is submitted without subtitles, it will be ineligible for selection.

>Due to the amount of films we receive, only the top scoring films will go through into the competition

>The organizers of the festival reserve the right to make changes in the screening schedule of films.

>The selected films will be screened on the festival day

>Final shortlisted participants will be informed through phone call/E mail or will be announced in our website. Only the filmmakers who make it to the official selection of the festival will be notified about selection at the end of the selection process through phone call / E mail or will be announced in our website. No information will be divulged before that.

>Jury decision will be the final to shortlist the movie and will be confidential. Decision cannot be challenged.

>Submissions received after final date will not be included in the competition.

>If you are using another person’s music in your film, please make sure you have their permission to do so. If you do not have an artists’ permission or have not made your own music or sourced copyright free material, your film will not be eligible for the competition.

>All rewards must be claimed within three months of receiving the notification via email, after which you will be deemed to have forfeited your prize.

>The festival will not provide feedback on films or specific reasons for rejection for any film.

>Try to upload HD format of the film so that we don't have to ask you again for the film.

>All films must be submitted in “Digital format” (.mpeg4, .Mov, .avi, .mpg)

>Dubbed versions of films from other languages are not eligible for submission.

>By submitting your film you give permission for your entry to be published on Filmaholic Foundation websites including but not limited to Malnad International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival and you grant Filmaholic Foundation a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license (with a right to sub-license) to use, republish, edit and/or modify your Competition entry in any/all media (including in electronic format, hard copy and in Filmaholic Foundation publications) for purposes connected with the Festival. The right to use your name and place of residence for the sole purpose of identifying you as the author of your entry and/or as a winner of the Competition.

>Website: https://filmaholicfoundation.org

Overall Rating
  • Avinash Ovhal

    Malnad International Wildlife and Environmental Film Festival is good festival.

    October 2021
  • We were delighted that "Trap Grounds with Catherine Robinson" won the Best Documentary Film. Thank you for highlighting the importance of wildlife as part of our community. Also for giving a platform for raising awareness of environmental issues which we are all having to face.

    October 2021