In 2018, the citizen-led film festival, whcih was created by more than 100 residents as directors, move curators, planners, and staff for the first time in 2018, and it's establishing a new culture as a small film festival. You can also enjoy the film festival with all the residents during the festival in Dongcheon-dong, Yongin-si, Korea

In addition, from 2022, a work contest with a young director will be planned so you can feel the passion and story of the movie.

I'm the director

One minute movie production

Dongne Bangne - with movie curators in my neighborhoods

A youth director film contest
--. Awarded money: 2,000,000 WON(KR)

>>> 청년감독 특별상영전 작품 <<<

영화감독을 꿈꾸는 전국의 청년들이 직접 만든 독립영화 8편 상영
GV : 8명의 청년감독들 모더레이터 유해강, 권지용

● 순간이동 - 권오연
● 일(1) - 양상혁
● 떡볶이 - 어윤철
● 맨홀통신 - 장재원
● 15분 - 김경록
● 기억니은디귿 - 현예빈
● 블랙아웃 - 양다운
● 소년유랑 - 이루리

총 8편

All entries can be used with producer consent to promote the Meonae Film Festival.

Genre: Irrelevant
Region: Korea

--. Previous winners of the Meonae Film Festival were excluded from the screening process