Massimadi is a film and arts festival, featuring Queer and LGBTQIA people of color documentaries and movies, and promoting artists of the community.

The Massimadi festival through the power of the arts allows a true identity construction. It created a safe space for dialogue and cultural exchange and sharing promoting self-love and the social integration of all.

By spreading messages of positive examples, Tolerance and dialogue where people can be confronted with realities close to having lived on the screen, it joined the major mission of the festival : Fight Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

One of the goal for Massimadi is to o er an unique scene for locals QPOC artists and promote their arts. Since 2009, we have hosted around 50 artists.

Massimadi wants to create a single and outstanding experiment for the participants. We combine several elements so that our participants can at the same time find the key elements of a film and art festival with the quality of our projections, with unseen films and often in premier, but also with a convivial environment “like home”, which makes it possible to exchange and supports the cultural dialogue.

Since 2010, Massimadi is an official event of the Black History Month and the Nuit Blanche Montréal.

To be considered your movie has to be
- Afro/Black characters as main characters

Overall Rating
  • Abram Cerda

    Awesome and powerful film festival. Thank you for including us. <3

    August 2021
  • Philippe Talavera

    What a great festival. It is online this year, as many festival, so sadly we couldn’t attend, mingle or network but the festival was very active on social media and managed to make us and our film ‘Kapana’ feel welcome and important. We can only recommend this festival! Thank you.

    March 2021