Manila International Fashion Film Festival is the first international fashion film festival in the Philippines. Fashion filmmakers from around the world are welcome to join. Our aim is to combine arts of fashion and film. The competition will be during Manila International Fashion Week – this is an opportunity for the young filmmakers to showcase their talent in different ways, like films about fashion brands, fashion short films and documentaries. Our purpose is to connect the people behind the fashion and film industry.

Publicity and other mileage
Will compete at International Fashion Film Festival
Best Director
Best Film
Best Fashion Designer
Best Icon
Best Model (Kids & Teens)

Films that have appeared in other film festivals outside their country of origin are not eligible.

Films that have received awards at other film festivals are not eligible for nomination at Manila International Fashion Film Festivals

Film(s) must have a fashion: theme, Timeless and iconic approach
Films between 1 and 3 minutes are eligible for Manila International Fashion Film Festival Awards.
Can be available in either standard or high definition formats URLs, DVDs, drive, or FTP are acceptable for submission
Must own or have rights to the copyright of material submitted.
Have access to releases for the talent and music used.
Provide a short bio of the person submitting (Director’s Profile, Icon’s Profile)
Briefly explain the film’s backstory: why, when, how, who, where.
Submit the complete listing of the names of the creative people who worked on the film.
If accepted, submission content, including film, stills, written content, and clips, you agree, will be available for use in the Festival’s various promotional activities and showcases worldwide.

Selection of the finalist
All directors will submit their Story Board/Synopsis.
MIFF will review all the entries
All fashion film entries will be voted on by our jury. Nominations will start going out in April 2024
Nominated films are voted on by our international jury to win one or more of the coveted MIFF Awards.
For Icons and directors, send us your profile at