The underrepresentation of queers in film is reality. They are in need of a visible platform, to promote the acceptance of diversity. Because visibility creates reflexion and reflexion gives us awareness. Awareness leads to movement and movement is change.

We want to bring queer stories througout the world to the screen, to make space for reflexion and productive discussions. Our films are provoking, revolutionary, feminist, experimental, political, kinky, sex positive, contradictory, punk, trashy, gay, hetero, trans*, polyamorous, monogamic and much more.

Audience Award
Best Fictional Short Film
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Porn Short Film

The film has to be of queer content, apart from that everything is possible.

There is no entrance fee.

Overall Rating
  • Adam Vincent Wright

    Super professional, really great communication. We are honored to have won best fictional short film!

    October 2019