Since 1992, in Dijon, Burgundy, France, the festival is an exceptional opportunity to see the best international audiovisual productions and meet audiovisual professionals, adventurers and travelers. It allows an ever-increasing audience to attend screenings, debates, exhibitions, meetings and to share moments of emotion with the guests of the festival.
Because the festival has always chosen to present most human adventures, all the films screened show portraits of men and women who have decided to jump into the adventure and to share its feelings.

Toison d’or du film d’aventure (awarded by Dijon City)
Prix spécial du jury (second prize)
Prix Jean-Marc Boivin (rewards the authenticity of an adventure)
Prix Alain Bombard (rewards a lesson for the future)
Prix du public
Prix des jeunes de la ville de Dijon
Prix Ushuaïa TV / Écrans de l’aventure

All participants must comply with the following regulations.

When / Where
“Les Écrans de l’aventure”, International adventure film festival, will be held in the movie theatre “Olympia” and “Darcy” in Dijon (France) from 10 to 15 October, 2022.

Organisation Committee
The Festival is organised by La Guilde, with the support of the City of Dijon. The Guilde is the sole authority responsible for the official film selection.

The Festival puts in competition French and international documentaries about adventure in all its forms: expeditions, explorations, portraits, stories, creations related to the spirit of adventure.

Admission requirements
Films in competition will be between 20 and 90 minutes long and will not be made before October 2020. For foreign films, the Selection Committee will only accept films with a French or English version.Shorter or older films may be submitted for selection but will not be eligible for the official competition.

Pre-selection registration
Films for pre-selection must be received by June 21, 2023.
There is no entry fee for submitting a film to the Festival. One director may submit several films for pre-selection but the final selection will keep only one film per director.
For pre-selection, only a non copyprotected downloadable digital movie (.mov) or a DVD format (zone 2) will be accepted. The application forms shall be completed and sent together with the film for preview. DVDs will be kept for the Festival archives.

Beginning of September, the Selection Committee will inform by email of the final selection. The organization will not pay fees for copying and broadcasting films.
For selected films, the following documents shall be sent to the Organising Committee:
- 5 different pictures with corresponding copyright that representes the film (digital HD 1772 x 1181 pixels minimum);
- 3 minutes high definition extract of the film for televisions;
- the director’s filmography and a high definition portrait;
- the trailer of the film.
These documents must be copyright-free to be used for the Festival promotion and communication.

The Organising Committee shall promote the Festival and the films selected. Thus, the Committee shall make all necessary decisions.
The Organising Committee will inform the director/producer that
extracts of the film have been given to broadcasters. Extracts given will never exceed 3 minutes. Producers will be informed of the selected extracts.

Screening requirements
Upon official selection for the Festival, a festival copy of the film will be required at least 4 weeks prior to the Festival and must be sent to the address below. It can be sent on HDD, USB key or download link, in a format that conforms to the datasheet sent with the entry form:

La Guilde
Les Ecrans de l’aventure
7 rue Pasquier 75008 Paris – France

It is the responsibility of the participant to cover shipping, insurance
and/or customs costs of pre-screening and exhibition materials.
Selected films must in no way have commercial breaks, logo of an advertiser or broadcaster in the image. The Festival will pay for shipping back the copies selected for the festival.

Please note that sending your original copy is at your own risk. The Festival will not be responsible in case of theft, loss or destruction of material sent.

Juries and awards
Please be aware: directors who are unable to attend the Festival must designate a person who has participated in the film (protagonist, author, producer, etc.) to represent them at the screening and at the announcement of the awards. Failing this, the Festival organisation reserves the right not to enter the film in competition.
The Festival will cover the costs of transport, accommodation and meals for one to two people per film for all or part of the festival.

Several juries award the festival prizes:
- A professional jury made up of film experts and adventurers. All jury’s decisions are final. In case of a tie, the President’s vote will count double.
- A jury of 5 children of the Dijon City’s Children’s Municipality Council.
- The festival audience.
- A jury for books composed by writers and figures from literary world.
These juries grant several prizes :
For films:
- “Toison d’or” - Grand Prize for best adventure film (endowed by the city of Dijon for the film’s director);
- Jury’s special Prize;
- Jean-Marc Boivin Prize rewarding the authenticity of a lived adventure;
- Alain Bombard Prize awarded to a film with a lesson for the
- Dijon’s young jury’s Prize (endowed by Gibert bookstore Dijon);
- The people’s choice award / Dijon Écrans de l’aventure;
- Ushuaïa TV Prize/Dijon Écrans de l’aventure.

For books:
- “Toison d’or” for the adventure book ;
- The Public Prize of the Dijon Library.
For lifetime achievement:
- “Toison d’or” for the adventurer of the year.

Additionnal screenings
The producers of the winning films are invited, for a fee, to have their film broadcast online via the platform managed by the festival within 15 days of the announcement of the awards. International screenings of awarded movies may also be organized.

Overall Rating
  • Kanadil Pictures

    Un magnifique festival bien organisé, plein d'énergies positives, de belles rencontres et des films inspirants.
    Bravo les écrans de L’aventure et à Bientôt ✌️

    October 2022
  • Peter Grogan

    This in-person festival was fantastic and very welcoming. It was extremely well-organised with a full crowd and hundreds in attendance. I was thrilled to have my Irish Unsinkable film receive its French premiere in beautiful Dijon. I would highly recommend this festival - 5/5.

    October 2022