The Lebanese Movie Awards, known as The LMAs, is an award ceremony recognizing the best Lebanese & International cinematic achievements in the filmmaking industry. It is the only ceremony in Lebanon honoring Lebanese and International work in the 7th art.

The LMAs honors these films both in their artistic and technical aspects with categories including Best Motion Picture, Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, among others.

-All films submitted for award consideration, should be produced locally* and independently, outside the framework of a university project. The submitted project cannot be older than 1 year**.
- For international films, every submitted film must be sent representing a certain country (i.e: Belgium, Canada, Tunisia, Egypt, France, ...), if more than one film is sent from said country, all films will be taken into consideration, but one nomination will represent each country.
-Nominated filmmakers for Best Foreign Language Film, will be invited and hosted in a luxury hotel, for a period of five days in Beirut, to attend the ceremony, only one person will be invited to represent the film.
-It is possible to host another member from the nominated movie, pending availability.
-Once you submit your film for consideration you agree that The LMAs will obtain the rights to use any footage from the film during the ceremony as well as prior to the ceremony only for any promotional material ( nominees announcement, press and promotion), as well as any other additional materials from the film including but not limited to images, soundtrack and production art.
-You also agree that your screener will be shared with our jury members, in case the film is selected, who will use the screener with their utmost discretion.
-No films shall be accepted under any circumstances after the final deadline.
-In any case we learn that you have violated any of these rules and terms, your film will be taken out of the competition, and you will be ineligible to take part in future editions of the awards.
-All nominated movies will receive official iMDB nominations on the film's page.

* With the exception of films submitted for Best Foreign Film.
** 1 year of release or production.

Overall Rating
  • Bea de Visser

    NICE! Thank you festival team and Jury for the award "Best International Short" for 'The animal that therefore I am'.

    June 2020