Ukrainian Independent international film festival "Kolaksai" is a platform for independent filmmakers, where they can show their films on a big screen and to know the opinion of the audience and their colleagues.
We want to create a community of independent filmmakers from different countries of the world.
First of all, we invite directors who make films with a small budget.
Our most important goal - to give you a opportunity to find a way out to the audience at the beginning of your career.
If an independent director shows of his film on festival, it gives strength to work on. Unfortunately, modern film industry is arranged so that everything is decided by money. You need to get the festival prizes, you should be noticed by the producers who will give you money for movie. But the prizes and festivals are not enough for all, most festivals rolled the same movies through the year.
The aim of our festival - give to all independent filmmakers opportunity to express themselves. You are tired of getting rejections from festivals? Why someone decides that your movie will be shown on the big screen or not?
Our Festival is ready to show as many films as we can. We have no sponsors and producers. Therefore, we have to take contributions - we need a rental of cinema halls, advertising, printing and organization expenses.
We give a chance to all filmmakers to show movies on the big screen.
Selection criteria: quality of image, sound and story.
We do not limit the films from one person but entry fee must paid for each film.
We accept the films of any genre. It should be a movie with the story, but not an amateur video.
The Festival reserves the right to refuse any film without explanation. In this case, the fee will be refunded. So you have nothing to lose. No money for nothing. This is our principle.
Our festival is neither bourgeois no pretentious. We just show movies to people. Let the spectators decide themselves what movies they want to see.
The motto of our festival: Give each Heat. At the festival, we will provide you with quality and interesting program.

All selected films will be presented in 5 categories:

Feature Short Film
Documentary Short Film
Student Short Film
Animation Film
Music Film

1 film (in each nomination):

3 films:
Best Film

1 films:
Best Debut
Best Director
Best Music
Best Editor
Best Actor
Best Actress

No money prizes.

To be accepted, films must the fit the following criteria:

- Films can be fiction, documentary, animation (students films are accepted) ;
- Films have to not exceed 40 minutes in length;
- Films have to be made after 1 of January, 2010;
- Films have to be available for Festival screening on mp4, mov, avi.

The aim of the festival - to present a great variety of independent short films, so pre-selection considers only the visual and technical quality of the films.
Each film that tells a story and have HD or Full HD-quality will be accepted. But the number of films limited by the number of our screens.

All films must have English subtitles if they made on any other language.

After your film will be accepted to Official programm, you will receive a letter with confirmation. Then you must send to a link to download a film.
You also must send the dialog lists on English. All participants will be received all information about festival not later then 1 of September.